Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Gatherer

Can I confess something? We're all friends here right?

I am a Gatherer.

I gather things. Things from nature. Seed pods, rocks, moss, shells, feathers, bark, abandoned get what I mean, don't you? My hubby gets it and is a Gatherer too. He has gathered an unbelievable collection of Indian Arrowheads, turtle shells and rocks. I tell him all the time that He is "almost done with his training". Anything with an interesting shape or color. Texture and pattern is what excites me. Subtle earthy colors is what I am all about. Yes, those vibrant red colors from my last post although beautiful, that's just not me. Nope.

These are the things that inspire me.........

The wonderful, subtle gifts from Mother Nature..........

my latest painting .


Luiza said...

Erin, my dear friend. Of course we are friends =).

Thank you for your support, concerning my mom. If you only knew how it helps. It´s wonderful to know , I´m not alone, at this time.
My mom is getting better, at least it seems so, allthough she´s still fighting with the breathing...but she´s better.

Your photos of today´s post are gorgeous, I love them. And , yes, mother nature is fantastic.

Have a lovely thursday.
Lots of hugs/

Carole said...

Erin I have a confession. I am a huge gatherer too. Not as much now but I have little piles of dried this and that everywhere. The soft hues is what I look for. I can stare at the details for hours. The pictures you took are fantastic as usually but I think my favorite so far!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Dear Erin
I'm trying to reply to your gathering comment but can't get past the pictures.. drop dead gorgeous... the magazine scouts will be scouting you soon..[i only say that in half jest!! half truth my friend]

OH... and your painting.. it reflects your love for nature and a pure quiet place i think..

I'm a gatherer too but less so with nature these day... bad julie.. hahaha

take care xx Julie

martha said...

lovliness.....gathering is a good and comforting word!! And for this season!

Sea Angels said...

Oh good I am glad you are a gatherer, that means you are normal and well balanced and have a really good eye for beautiful things....well I guessed that !!!! ha ha
Have a lovely week
Hugs Lynn xxx

Luiza said...

Hi, again!
Just wanted to say, I´m glad you want to take part in my giveaway.

Good luck on friday =D.

Your sidebar is beautiful with all the gorgeous photos...


Fifi Flowers said...

Nature is AMAZING!