encaustic art

~tender memories
 floating forever
amidst ethereal layers of bees wax~


Barbyaro said...

I am very happy to have found your delightful website. I am inspired by your art & in awe of your talent.

Unknown said...

So, yep, I admit it....I stumbled upon you because of the darn fireplace! But I got caught up in your whole blog because we share a lot of likes. I love gardening, decorating, photography, white things, light gray, but white more and different shades of white. I love to redo my fireplace mantle because it changes the room and I can get creative. I love pale green and blue glassware. And I love SHEEP! I once went to Switzerland and realized I took 42 pics of sheep. I am no artist. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing. I gotta do something about this 1980 fireplace

fotogo3 said...

I’m in awe. Your work is beautiful! You’ve inspired me to get back into encaustic.

Lynne said...

Hello I just found you. I have questions about your great work. Are all of your pieces just photographs and encaustic ? Do you use transfers? Please give me some in site if you can. I am a mixed media artist and I am new to encaustic. Much appreciated.