Monday, May 28, 2012

endless summer hydrangea in memoriam

fallen soldiers


loved ones who give the ultimate sacrifice
in order for us to live free

we remember
and every day

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"belle of the ball" by e.e. anderson

 my latest painting
"belle of the ball"

soooo inspired by the fabulous artist Laurence Amelie
and her "tutu"paintings
featured at Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic 
 and here it is....
 hanging at one of my favorite stores
 owned by my friend Gina Gilchrist.
~Gilchrist and Gilchrist~
on Bransford Ave. in Nashville, Tn.
 i am just thrilled to see one of my very own paintings
hanging here...
in such a beautiful space!!
thrilled, i tell ya!

 just a few shots of this gorgeous store...
so much eye candy...
so little time....
 thank you
Gilchrist and Gilchrist
2823 Bransford Ave.
Nashville, Tn
hope y'all are having a wonderful
Mothers Day!!

the best thing i have ever done in my life....
hands down....
has been,
 a mother...

being "da-mama"

Monday, May 7, 2012

my "New Dawn Rose" in all its glory...

is natures way
 of saying
 "let's party!"
~robin williams

happy new week!

all photos taken on my back deck...
won't you drop by for the "party"? 
 i'd love to see you.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

fernvale wedding shower...

 my son ian and his girlfriend sam,
 have moved
 out to the country....
 to a cute old farmhouse on 5 acres.
 last weekend,
 i helped sam decorate her carport area,
 for a casual wedding shower.
 they live in an area called
....the mountain behind their house is covered up with ferns....
so i had to include a shot of this gorgeous spider web, hovering over some ferns,
 like a little space ship.
i decorated the area using my
 vintage tablecloths, enamelware pitchers and ball jars.
all of the flowers were cut from the property
 and arranged willy-nilly
(that is fun to say, "willy-nilly")....
the less contrived,
 the more casual and fun,
for this little farmhouse....

i am still getting used to this new blogging so please bare with me as i figger it all out!
we are having an incredible spring here in , tennessee!!!
   there are flowers bloomin everywhere i look! 
 my new dawn rose is blooming on the back deck...
 and i have been snapping away...
trying to capture its glory, forever in my photos...
will share soon!

the little birdies continue to
"get their chirp on"....
merrily singing all day long....
one poor little baby bird fell out of its nest ,
that is perched over my front porch...
so i scooped him up, ever so carefully, and placed him back in the nest...
i was so sure that he must have been injured, after such a long fall, but when he was back safely in his nest,
 he immediately opened his tiny beak,
 to beg for food!
i think that was a good sign indeed!
i have been checking everyday to see if the mama bird has kicked him out of the nest,
 but so far, so good...
of course, i realize a neighbor kitty cat could have come by and had him for a snack...
that's nature...
but i like to think, that i helped best i could....


p.s.  much to my chagrin, i have started to add a watermark to all of my photos....i have seen more than one of my photos, passed around on Pinterest, with absolutely no credit given....end of story.