Wednesday, March 28, 2012

larkspur alert...

wild larkspur
is all
 a bloom
 at radnor lake
 in brentwood , tn!!

a magical woodland
of the
 purple kind.

  i sure did!

even tom was there!
struttin his stuff, as only a boy can do.

you just never know
 what gorgeousness
 you will find...
unless you take the time to look.

i had know idea,
that the larkspur was blooming right now,
 as i headed for my walk yesterday...
my instincts told me to take my camera with me...
and i am so happy i did! 

~nature paints pictures of infinite beauty~

Thursday, March 22, 2012

well, hello spring....

visiting one of my favorite clients gardens today...i find sooo many pretties to delight my heart.  with record breaking heat and highs in the 80's...spring has sprung super early!!  pollen and bugs included.

i have been working on this garden for 8ish years now and the climbing vines on the pergola have never been so prolific and fragrant..

three of my all time favorite vines AND i am a vine lover! 
 a tangle of
carolina jessamine,
 evergreen clematis armandii
and new dawn rose
(which will bloom later).

i just love how they mingle.

the evergreen clematis armandii has a heady intoxicating fragrance and most loverly tropical looking leaves that actually, yes indeedy, stay green all year.
this demure garden lady was added to the garden last year, carved by the owners friend, it makes a strong focal point and yet ,
a soft and restful place to gaze on.

a back view of the pergola with fuchsia loropetulum blooming in the foreground.

please set a while...

isn't she beautiful?
it is really quite satisfying for me to visit my gardens in spring, after not having seen them for a few months.  i usually become very nervous and worried about how things have fared and then when i turn down the drive , get out of my jeep and walk the gardens...
i quickly find the beauty and  
enjoy  the fruits of my labor.
and it all seems so worthwhile!

if it seems as if i have not been posting as often, it is certainly not for lack of imagery or thoughts, but rather so many things going on right now, it is hard to choose what to post about!   it is unbelievably gorgeous outside these days (despite the dust storm of pollen  flying around)...i have been power walking at jim warner park several times a week...rearranging the house (always)....i shot all the photos for my friend's new website for her restaurant called, the bunganut pig (never took pictures of food before, that was fun, especially eating the props)  you can check it out here and if you look at the bottom of their page you will see my credit for the photos (FUN!  credit for photos on a real website! me?)....besides my garden work, i have several paintings going on in my studio and may do will be doing a fair this fall with a new friend , mark porter, who makes barnwood frames and gorgeous wooden well as learning new photography and photoshop techniques...the list goes on and on....not enough time in the day.....spring is well on its way now and i still have a snowy header (i can't seem to settle on a new one)....i have always been rather fickle (and, "frickled"?)....sometimes it is hard to focus on just one thing......oy.

i'd love any suggestions for a new header!   when you think of my blog what comes to mind?  is it more garden or more art or more vintage decorating or photography or all of the above??  or is it a wishy-washy mish-mash...say that 10 times fast....i have read that it is not good to keep changing ones header....folks like to count on a certain you agree??  i need help with this one, please.

(the frickled one)

p.s.  have you heard about the Bronson Pinchot Project???  remember him?  Balchey from "Perfect Strangers"? OMG! my new favorite show on DIY network....bronson owns 10 houses in Harford Pennsylvania AND 2 barns filled with architectural salvage in which he uses to re fab his houses...he is very knowledgeable about historic architecture and hugely passionate!!!  his side kick Mikey is so dorky and will LOVE this show!!!  check out how he hid his refrigerator behind an old bookcase with a swinging door!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the colors of spring...


pastel hues of new life.

beckoning sunshine.

glittering light transfixed.

dainty strength.

comforting pattern.

a lacy veil,

 of eternal

i hope you find the time to

thank you so very much for the wonderful birthday greetings.
you do my heart good.