Wednesday, March 28, 2012

larkspur alert...

wild larkspur
is all
 a bloom
 at radnor lake
 in brentwood , tn!!

a magical woodland
of the
 purple kind.

  i sure did!

even tom was there!
struttin his stuff, as only a boy can do.

you just never know
 what gorgeousness
 you will find...
unless you take the time to look.

i had know idea,
that the larkspur was blooming right now,
 as i headed for my walk yesterday...
my instincts told me to take my camera with me...
and i am so happy i did! 

~nature paints pictures of infinite beauty~

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the colors of spring...


pastel hues of new life.

beckoning sunshine.

glittering light transfixed.

dainty strength.

comforting pattern.

a lacy veil,

 of eternal

i hope you find the time to

thank you so very much for the wonderful birthday greetings.
you do my heart good.