Tuesday, August 28, 2012

angel trumpet

i grabbed my camera to capture the golden glow of this
trumpet vine blooming on my back deck.... 
 the sun had just gone down for the day....
 but the rays still hit the clouds right above my house.
 you know, that fleeting time, in the early evening 
when there is a tint of yellow
 or is it pink? 
mother natures filters...

mother nature's filters
 combined with a few textures from
the ever generous
kim klassen

p.s.  thank you,
 sweet smilin amy
 for fixin my puter!
phew .
all was not lost....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

~ born in the springtime of our love ~

 ~ 30 years ago today ~

 happy day.
da-mama loves you!

of you!

happy birthday ash-shee.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

hello friends!
  it is me,
remember me??
 blogging from my tiny lap top...i call it a half top...because it is so small...
it seems that, my big puter seems to be sick...errrrrr.

i have so many pictures and things to share with you...
but it is really difficult to do on this half top...

i just finished a huge project for my darling daughter , ashley.
she turns 30 this week.
(that must make me older than i think i am?)
happy birthday , ash!!
 i surprised her with a video of photos from her life...starting with a shot of me the day before she was born, until the present.

what a project!!  i had to go through 30 years of  her life...my life.... in photos (which were NOT organized...i have been meaning to get to that)
 choose which ones to include...i chose about 200!
  then scan and crop and photoshop all of them...... CHOOSE some great tunes to go with the photos...and then edit.
how does one edit ones life?
fit the photos to the music
edit some more...
gotta tell ya....this was such a wrenching  and emotional project for me...to revisit all of these beautiful memories of my child's life...of MY LIFE...my smart girl friends told me to treat it as a business project and stay focused on getting it done, or i would have stopped to look at EVERY SINGLE PICTURE...
many that i had not seen in years.

i settled on about 120 photos.
(of the most beautiful little girl who was ever born...right?  isn't that what every mama thinks?  well, it is true)

and two songs...
van morrisson's "she's as sweet as tupelo honey"
jason mraz' "live high"
and when it was finally "in the can"
 and mr. dan and i viewed it for the first time on our big screen...
we just cried and cried.
not supposed to tell you that.
i sobbed actually..
it was like a huge release for me.

so, i am emotionally drained.
in a good way.
my puter is sick.
in a bad way.
and i feel like making a shift.
a shift towards making some art.
and i am excited by the thought of that.
 here i come.


mama loves you.
so much!
glad you liked the video!
he he

good tears.

say hi to the beach for me.