Saturday, September 27, 2014

vintage chenille blanket pumpkins

this is a repost from October 1st 2012.
i had not planned on reposting this but.....

after perusing a, new to me, Face Book page,
coastal farmhouse

 i came across one of MY very own images...which lead me to this chic's blog....where I disturbingly found My images used and touted as HERS?!?!  really?  she even put her watermark on my image and gave instructions as to how to make these if she EVER made one in her life! 

miss coastalfarmhouse is a phony.

(go check out her will see my photos)
she also used one of my images of my handpainted doily pumpkins...with absotootly no credit given!

i have never written anything negative on my blog, so this is a first for me.
i hate negative energy!
(such a waste of time!)

but guess what?
 miss Coastalfarmhouse...

thank you.
today i will harness that extra "energy" (ahem) and use it in a creative way!
i am heading to my studio now, to create to my hearts content....
and what will you be doing, i ask?

and tonight, when i lay down to sleep, i will sleep soundly and dream beautiful dreams....

your attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.




p.s.  you will notice that in this post below , i give credit where credit is due (very important!)
i did not make these pumpkins...

my friend,
Rita Anderson
 at the Nashville Flea Market makes these...
Shed 5 Booth 50

she is there THIS weekend!

but i did indeed 

collect them
stage them
and photograph them.

it's october!   yay!
  my favorite month!
and what better time to share my collection of pumpkins, made from vintage chenille blankets.
the image above, has made its way around and around pinterest, and come back to me, with lots of interest and questions.
i do not make these cuties.  i collect them.
 i buy them at the nashville flea market...
handmade by rita.
i started my collection, years ago,
 with these three orange ones
so cute.
 last year, i was thrilled to find rita selling these white ones.
i collect white vintage chenille blankets and white hobnail milk glass pottery and so these really spoke to me.!

 this year, i added to my collection with more of the white pumpkins in different textures.
and can you believe this...rita and her daughter had seen my photo of her pumpkins on pinterest!
it's a small world.
 at first, i arranged them on my dining room buffet....
 i liked how they looked here, but we don't use this room very much.... 
 so i moved them to the den mantle, where i can see them more often.
 don't tell mr. dan, but i am thinking of whitewashing the stone on the fireplace, to tone down the orange hues.
i need to replace the blue hydrangeas in the cement swans, with something fall-like too.

if pumpkins can be adorable, then these chenille ones are!!
i just love them.
i buy them from a sweet lady, named rita,
shed 5
booth 50
i spoke with her on the phone and she told me that the old chenille blankets are becoming harder and harder to chenille is thicker and tougher to sew, so she prefers to work with the old spreads....and this vintage lover likes that...
rita does not have a web site or e-mail or a computer.
 the only way to buy her pumpkins and other treasures are at the nashville flea market....
held the fourth weekend of every month except december.
if you go, please tell rita
from erin
happy october


michele said...

i am so glad you devoted an entire post to these beauties because they are sooooo worthy! i love em. and you have styled them so gorgeously.

your fireplace stone is going to look fabulous with a little help from your paintbrush!

what a lovely sight this october morning, erin. thank you.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Love them arranged on the mantel, Yes, I've pinned that photo from you too! xoxo

flowersandhome said...

If I could, I'd just swim over the ocean to Nashville to buy some of those. You're so lucky to have Rita around and her gorgeous pumpkins. Really beautiful fabric, very special, I can imagine that's hard to find. Love, love, LOVE the pumpkins!
Bye, have a wonderful october,

Glenda/MidSouth said...

So pretty ! I really like them in the white dining room with your painting as the backdrop.
Cook, wet and dark here this morning.
Have a great week.

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Hi Erin,
Love those cuties and I love the old chenille blankets too. Thank you for sharing the info. about Nashville Flea Market with us.
Have a nice day!

oldgreymare said...

Beautiful photos, as always, and how beautiful are you to support and promote a fellow artist.
It's why we love ya <3

Debbie Nolan said...

Erin - these pumpkins are darling - they would definitely brighten up any room. Thanks for sharing.

Olive Cooper said...

They are delightful. I am really liking the orange ones too. Any time I find a chenille spread while thrifting I buy it. I have one thrown over my sofa right now.

Donna said...

Precious pumpkins! I adore these as well. You are lucky to have Rita to make them for you. They are gorgeous displayed in your home with all the whites! Love them!

KarenB said...

I don't blame you for buying more. They're really fun! I love the different textures and sizes together. They look perfect at your house, perfect!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Your pumpkins are the cutest on the block! I admired them last year, and now you've expanded your collection to make it even better! I wish they were available near me. Love, love, love them!!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Oh yes I love these! They speak to me too. Lovely photos.

Cindy said...

Ok, those are definitely the cutest pumpkins in the world, no question about it. And, your house is amazing. I love your new horse painting too...


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I love the chenille adorable!

Carole said...

Oh how I love your little pumpkins. I have a torn up chenille spread that I want to try making them with.Now I just need the time and to locate where I put it.

happy fall

Georgianna said...

Your pumpkins are darling, Erin, and as always, your decor and styling are terrific! I must say I like the aqua tones of the hydrangea against the hues of the stone but I can also see why it would be more versatile in white. Ours is painted white and I really would have a problem with it if it wasn't!

Have a great week. xo

June said...

Rita's pumpkins are amazing Erin!!!! Seeing them in your GORGEOUS photos are such an inspiration. I went back to read the posts I have missed here and I am always stunned by your amazing talents! Your photography transports me!
hugs from here...

poppilinnstudios said...

Just love your pumpkin collection, Erin. They are beautiful!

Deb said...

Such a gorgeous pumpkin collection Erin. They look fabulous with your white mantle & with your stunning horse painting as a backdrop ♥
Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr.Lees mom said...

everything is just lovely! Love the pumpkins!

Cobalt Violet said...

So cute! Love these and with the white and soft orange the fantastic stems and curly cues really pop. (and what is cuter than curly cues on pumpkins?? :)

Deb Hrabik said...

So glad I found your blog, Erin.
New follower,

Regina said...

Love, love, love your collection of white pumpkins. I'm going to have to google chenille pumpkins and see if I can find some to purchase for myself.

Seawashed said...

Again I am so sorry this has happened to you. I took a look at her blog and it looks like all she does is create collages using other peoples photos from Pinterest. And no credit anywhere. But it is just wrong to watermark your photo as her own. The white chenille are my favorite. Though I do love velvet pumpkins. Have you contacted her? You need to tell her to remove your photos from her blog.

miabellavintage said...

Erin, I have not been in blog land in forever. Your pin of those beautiful pumpkins caught my eye! Your friend is a true artist as are you. Too bad people are so dishonest. Your post was beautiful.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Email sent to Kathleen today concerning her use of your photograph etc.....
It ticked me off, so you know me..I jump into the waters....luv ya girlfriend

Erin Anderson is a good friend who I have known for many years. Seeing her photograph you "borrowed" from her website and watermarked with your own name on your blog is disturbing to me in many ways. First being a betrayal of copyright, secondly revealing your dishonesty. I have difficulty understanding why you would attempt to pass off someone's else's work as your own when social media "outs" you in so many different ways. I realize that you did not openly declare they were your pumpkins or your photographs but your watermark definitely implies this is your personal work. So now blogdom is aware, instagrammers are aware and FB folk now have been notified of this deceit...Has it occurred to you that others now are searching your blog for other similar infractions?

Removal of her photographs and an apology are in order to make this palatable to everyone. I do not welcome a discourse with you about this, the facts are that you did not ask for permission to use her photograph, you did not give her credit, you watermarked it as your own. I know the situation is unpleasant, but grownups admit their mistakes, apologize and do not repeat the behavior.

I hope you choose the high road Kathleen..Offering you full disclosure, this email I have left you whether you print it or not, will also be posted to Erin's blog. I decided an email to you was kinder and preferable to leaving you a public comment. Also, Erin is not yet aware that I have written to you. I was not enlisted to address this with you. As Erin's friend, I was concerned by the distress this would cause her, and also my concern for the rampant inappropriate use of other artist's words and photographs in blogdom just because "it's on the web so I can use it however I want mentality."

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"Erin's Art and Gardens" has been included in our Sites To See #403. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

Tante Mali said...

Wonderful. These pumpkins are absolutely adorable. Love them, so elegant! Thank you for inspiring me!
Have a happy happy time