Tuesday, March 18, 2014

forced forsythia

i have brought a little bit of spring into my bay window by
 forcing forsythia
 (try saying that five times fast!)

a jump start on
 spring blooms.
so easy to do!

i cut branches of forsythia from my garden...
only 5 days ago!
i kid you not.
and they are already blooming!

just plopped the branches into a glass vase of water...
stuffed plastic grocery bags around the vase to keep it centered in this cement urn...
and topped it with pretty deer moss.

like a breath of
 spring air.

so easy!
and ever so

do you "force" spring blooms too?


Monday, March 10, 2014

"Gatherings" magazine feature!



i am just tickled pink to announce
 that i am a featured artist in the spring issue of


 "This issue is chock full of engaging articles sure to ignite your creative juices for Spring crafting, baking, decorating, celebrating and shopping. Our Spring issue- Artists + Artisans is a salute to creative makers who inspire these pages .Featuring a special guest post by Jen O’Connor of Earth Angels Studios, book reviews, color trends and much more!"

my friend Heather Spriggs Thompson,
 is the creative genius behind this wonderful magazine...we met through blogland and turns out she lives just a few miles away....small world isn't it!?
(yep, that's me sitting there in my living room...not wanting to have my picture taken...unwashed hair and all) 

and there's my humble abode...
in a magazine!

what really blows me away (to tears even), is the glowing and beautifully written script that Heather has added.
double yay!

and there's my messy studio and some of my paintings.
Heather made it all look so good!

 after this terribly long and cold winter, 
this gorgeous magazine, full of fresh spring-like images,
 will definitely put you in the mood for warmer weather,
green grass, flowers blooming and curtains softly blowing through the open windows...
remember those days?

 available in digital and print form...
 please visit

"Gatherings Magazine"
to order your copy
 and to receive a 10 % discount use discount code



Monday, March 3, 2014

diamonds in the trees..

March has come in like a lion.....

last nights ice storm
 has closed schools and businesses here...

and left sparkly gems hanging in the trees....
many branches have snapped from the weight of the ice.

i find the ice crystals to be quite beautiful....

it seems that old man winter keeps knocking on the door
 like that unwelcome guest that

i am afraid the sweet little daffodils
 will not be opening their sunny faces
 for my birthday this week.

keeps us on our toes

i hope you are well,
my friends.