Saturday, September 29, 2012

hello friend.

 i had the most wonderful time last weekend,
 in atlanta!!
 oh boy, can we girls talk!
and talk and talk....
giggle too.
 my budding friendship with amy,
this past year, 
has brought me such unexpected joy.
luv you, girlie!
 and getting to know her adorable sister, last weekend,
is a huge bonus....
like the powdered sugar,
 sprinkled on the strawberry crepes!
 yunno, how friendships can be...
some of them come and go.
some of them last a life time.
some deep, some shallow.
 there have been times in my life, where i have felt......well,
 friend lonely.
but not right now.
 oh no...
right now,
the chandy is lit and the flowers are a bloom!
in fact,
that chandy is a sparklin.


p.s.  all photos were taken at a baby shower in atlanta hosted by helen....i just love the flower arrangements she pulled together....she is an artist, gardener and photographer, who has bunnies in her basement....MY kinda gal.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

happy fall y'all!!

please enjoy
 a few snippets
 of what i have been up to....

finally, we have had cooler days and nights, here in beautiful franklin, tn....
and i feel so refreshed and alive...  
and oh so excited about some things going on in my life right now...

i have signed up to do a booth at the franklin pumpkinfest at the end of october ....something i never ever envisioned myself doing....but my friend mark porter, who crafts gorgeous barn wood frames, wooden bowls and jewelry boxes, will be doing it with me....mark already has confident experience AND the tent for the booth....i will be selling some of my art (which looks great  framed with barn wood BTW!)  and also my doily bowls and hand painted doily rocks (love them doily's!) ....

an out door event dealing with people ("people"... ew) is not something, i ever saw, my shy self doing, 
so.....i am
  flying by the seat of my pants  
 putting my trust in higher powers with this one.....
and always
and it feels o.k.

i am excited about a painting class that i have started taking at shimai, and being around other "creatives"!

i am excited about creating.

i am excited about my Creator.

i am excited about doing my gardening and power walking (which has turned into more of a jogging thing) in this cooler weather...
without sweating my ass off.

 i am so excited
 about a road trip to atlanta this weekend.... with my girlfriend amy visit her sister elaine...
two really cool chicks.....
road trip.

tell me what you are excited about??


p.s.  not all people are "ew" to me...just some.
p.s.s.  sorry about my huge watermark on my photos, but it is necessary for credit purposes...if you ever want one of my photos without it, just ask.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

sweet autumn clematis abloom

 this vine covered in dainty white flowers is all abloom in my backyard right now....

 a refreshing and dependable vine
 that blooms towards the end of the summer...
no matter how hot
 or dry
 or humid 
the summer has been....
which it has been!
boy howdy.
it has been.
this morn 
the humidity level was 98%!
hence the drippy windows in the morning.
and drippy gardener all day.
it takes forever for my camera lens to defog too.
is ready
 for fall....