Saturday, July 31, 2010

quiet gardening

pretty bougainvillea blossoms with yew trimmings.

LOTS of trimmings.
part of my job as gardener at this property, is to make sure everything outside looks pretty.
including all the shrubbery (this is fun...every time you see the word "shrubbery", use an English accent. it makes it sound much fancier).

trimming all the shrubbery (you're using an accent, aren't you?) can be a real drag, especially in the heat of summer!
because this is my work, and i want to love my work, and feel good about it...
for me getting QUIET and taking my time with plenty of breaks is essential for this task.

being QUIET means using simple tools.
shears. tarp. rake. wheelbarrow.

NO gas or electric thingamajiggies.
just good old fashioned quiet tools.
using shears is GREAT EXERCISE for the upper body and when you do it long enough you get into a RHYTHM.
and when you get into a rhythm you start to notice the other rhythms around you...
tree frogs.
leaves rustling.
dog panting.
beautiful sounds of nature that you would never notice if you weren't

this is office number 2.
i use this to haul the shrubbery trimmings up into the woods.
office number one is my old jeep.

pretty simple stuff.
my point here is
i use NO electricity and NO gasoline.
that's a really good thing for the environment.
and it is good for me.

i take the time to pet the dog.
and see the love in his eyes.

and that happy tail!

since i am QUIET...i take the time to throw some spent bougainvillea petals into my bucket...
and i NOTICE how beautiful they are (hence the first picture in my post).

if you are
you will ...
get in shape
notice the rhythms in nature
help the environment (if even in a small way)
be in tune to the beauty around you
pet the dog more
you will
occasionaly use an English accent, just for the fun of it.
please join my friend Suzan
creating change, one day at a time
at old grey mare
and find out more about how you can make a change.
even a small change for good is better than no change.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

simple bowls

recently i have started to collect these simple bowls.
one is marked
the others are unmarked.
i am attracted to their humble and unadorned whiteness.

my inspiration for this post came from
over at
she is hosting a fun contest called

go check it out.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sir paul!

i have died and gone to beatle heaven!
at the last minute, monday eve...we were given tickets to see, none other than ...
sir paul mccartney!!
best concert of my life.
three hours, 36 songs of pure magic.
famous, timeless, classic rock and roll.
hubby and i both shed happy and nostalgic tears this night.
he is the real deal.
he did not miss a beat or a note. never even took a drink of water.
i have been in love with paul since i was able to recognize those feelings...

come to mama!

and can i just say...
i am still crushing over him!
check this off of my bucket list.
oh the end of the night, he brought a young lady up on stage from the audience who had his guitar tattooed on her back...
and he autographed her back!!!!
how HOT is that?
i hope she went straight to the tattoo parlor to have it put there permanently!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

cold mojitos. hot daze.

it's so dang-dillio hot outside.

the kinda HOT that when you open the door to check the temperature outside...


you just gasp and moan and go back in, hot.

a nice refreshing mojito


it certainly doesn't hurt.

served in funky acrylic glasses.

garnished with fresh mint from the garden.

of course.

and the cutest sugar cubes you ever did see.

i like it sweet.


it helps.

a little.


just trying to stay cool, my friends.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

queen anne's lace

aptly named for its

lacy flower.

blooming in abandon

like drifts of snow

in a field.

each flower stained with a drop of blood

from a pricked finger

of the lace maker.

whitewashed meadow.

white en masse.

these bonny bloomers in the heat of summer

make me smile.

and sneeze!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the gift



there is



the gift of the blogging world is an amazing, supportive, and healing community.
it's refreshing to see people come together.
powerful stuff.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


after my last sad post and reminder to
live every day as if there is no tomorrow...
tragedy creeps even closer.
i am even further saddened today.
i have just been getting to know a fellow gardening blogger
how shocked i am to visit her blog today, and discover her beloved 21 year daughter killed in a car accident.
send some
love and prayers her way.
won't you.
hold your children close.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


while visiting one of my favorite blogs this morning,
i was introduced to another blogger who i will never know........
very sadly
i found out about her through her grieving husband's post.
a terribly tragic
reminder to
live every day
there is no tomorrow.
sending my deepest condolences and love to this young family.

Monday, July 12, 2010

blooming and buzzing

welcome to my summer garden...
the garden gate

a blooming
a buzzing.

so much growth.
so much life.
so much


you are welcome.
all are welcome.