Wednesday, July 7, 2010

in my eyes...

the recent issue of Country Living Magazine (u.s.) has a feature on my town of

Franklin, Tn.

(pages 75-77).

thrilled to find this out... as i love it here,

not so thrilled with the fact that my friend Scarlett Scales store was not given the beautiful coverage it deserves.
only one photo.


here is

Scarlett Scales Antiques

in my eyes...

hello lucite table.

on my list of wants!

sweet scarlett will be traveling to
the brimfield show next week to sell her wares.
if you go to the show...
please stop by her booth.
you will find unique vintage treasures there.
have a good trip scarlett
sell lots of goodies.


Razmataz said...

oh Erin, such a gorgeous looking shop. And your photos are stunning. It is too bad the magazine didn't show what was inside. Isn't that what reader want to know?

Antique ART Garden said...

Very sweet of you to do this for a friend, she has some great antiques, take care ! Gina

Anonymous said...

A confession. I prefer visiting blogs over purchasing magazines. And your blog, Erin, is one of my favorites. I love your photograpy and what you write - your generous, loving, playful spirit shines through in each and every post.

I'm on my way to visit Scarlett - thank you so much for sharing her wonderful shop with all of us!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Next trip to Franklin, I plan on stopping by her shop - looks like my kind place.
I had let my sub. to CL expire and just recently renewed so missed that issue. Could not resist their renewal offer of $8 a year.
Hope you are staying cool.

martha said...

it is one of my go to spots-cause i live her too...
we oughta meet there sometime Erin! GREAT POST!!

Carole said...

Oh how I wish I could go this time of year. As you might remember I saw her booth last fall and went completely nuts taking pictures of it. It was the best booth there.
You should be her photo stylist....hey maybe take it out in trade:))) you have a knack at making everything look even more amazing.
Thanks for letting me know about the mag. article, I must have missed it.
Hope you're staying cool,

KarenB said...

Bummer, I didn't see her shop last summer when I was there. I was surprised that they left out a great shop on the main drag, I can't remember the name. I did a post about it, though. But, Franklin is wonderful. If only the article would've proceeded my trip!

oldgreymare said...

Oh how I miss visiting Scarlett- I have so many beauties in my home form her shop and from her booths in neighboring malls. I still have 10 yards of vintage french linen that she sold me at a great discount. Love ya Scarlett.

Her shotgun house/shop is so much fun and her displays to die for. We should all forward your post to CL and show them how it should be done
: } you did her proud.


Georgianna said...

Well, I think I will have to come to your charming town, especially to go to this shop! Pure delight! Thanks for showing her off. xo

Bohemian said...

After seeing your beautiful photos of this Shop I had to pop on over to their Blog and see even more! I'm positively swooning over that photo of the beautiful gilt mirrors on that fabulously aged to perfection wall!

Dawn... The Bohemian