Monday, December 19, 2011

my christmas card to you...

inspired by an image i saw on pinterest, Mr. Dan and i headed to the Nashville flea market last Saturday, in search of old toy cars to be topped with bottle brush trees...




Christmas blessings to you all!



i pray, all of our returning troops will be home for the holidays.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

winter white

what are you saying little bambi?

all photos taken by me.... in my winter white dining room and at Radnor Lake, on a delightful walk with my parents LOVE the great outdoors as much as i wasn't really snowing...i added the snow in photoshop..... we encountered many deer on our walk...the bambi i shared with you, with his little mouth open.... looked as if he had something to say.....

i think, perhaps....if he could... he would like to give us a gentle reminder.....

to slow down a bit

and enjoy this magical season

of joy and celebration....

to savor the simple pleasures of family togetherness......

and to be fully present in our own lives and in the lives around us....

and remember

the true

reason for the season.

smart little deer one.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

more christmas around the house...

i had planned on sharing my all white den with you earlier and had prepared a post......but after living with an all white Christmas decor for a couple of weeks, combined with some long days of really grey weather ...the all white was leaving me......well.... cold.

so i redid the room and had to take all new pictures.....
i gathered all of the cozy red blankets i could find and found some pretty red ribbon in my studio and redid the whole look!

the pops of red really warmed up the space and it feels much more festive now.......

i started building on my mantel, by adding my hobnail milk glass collection.....turned upside down with lights underneath......and topped off with bottle brush trees.

and then added the red ribbon and an airy garland.

i stuffed the cement swans with twinkle lights and white pine cones.

my homemade snow balls sitting in one of my doily bowls.

crocheted pieces here and there....

and lots of buffalo check flannel that i cut up from sheets.

grandma Bernice made Teddy's dress.

i made the pillow from an old chenille blanket.

and more of my handmade snow balls sitting in front of one of my paintings.

i must apologize for throwing this post together.... we are having lots of fun with my parents who are visiting from Arizona....but i wanted to share some more Christmas decor with you before it is too late!! the big day is approaching fast!

next time, i'll share my winter white dining room.

have a great weekend!