Friday, August 30, 2013

summer light

summer is waning.
and so is the light.

days are quieter.
and becoming shy.
 a bit more cozier.
and pensive.

summer is waning.
delight in all you can.

make the most of your weekend
my dear friends.


p.s.  all photos taken on my back deck one sunny summer day.
 after washing two bed canopies and hanging them from the arbor to dry in the sun....
i took advantage of the beautiful light, the perfect photo-op for some simple flowers, plucked into a humble vase, sitting on an old ladder.
i am all about capturing the luminous glow...
of light.
in my photos.
my art.
 my home.
my love and my life.

p.p.s.  i will be sharing some of my art with you very soon.
no really. i will.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

out in the country

here in Tennessee,
our mild and rainy summer continues...

and i am lovin it.

all photos taken near my son Ian's country house.

Happy Sunday!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

happy august!

 it is hard to believe that our mild july is over.
it certainly was a good month for my endless summer hydrangeas...

hydrangeas in an old mop bucket...why not.

can you tell that
blue is my all time favorite color?
and these gorgeous hydrangeas
just make my
  heart a flutter.

i sure hope your summer is going well,
and you surround yourself with the things you love
 in your favorite color.


p.s.  after a bit of sticker shock, i have finally bought a new mac computer.
i have been so impressed with everything from the sleek design of all of the equipment (even the packaging) , to my time in the store and the whole mac experience.

problem is though...
all of my 38,000+ photos (gulp, who takes that many photos?) from my old computer, have been uploaded to my new computer in ONE FILE!
so, i can not find anything and i am slightly freaked out by that.  but, i have a "reservation" at the mac store for some "personal training"...and i am sure we will figure it all out....
ah, learning something new keeps one alive.