Thursday, March 21, 2013

happy happy spring!

hi y'all!  remember me?  are you still there?  i am here....
the daffodils and forsythia are blooming here in tennessee....oh, how i love the change in seasons!
....i am posting really quickly, before my computer crashes again..... i am bringing my computer back  for more repair as soon as i finish this
fingers crossed.

i have missed has been a while since my last post and i have had such a fun and busy month....i have traveled to chicago to see one of my besties (tell ya about that later) sis-in-law from oregon came to visit tennessee for the first time...i have celebrated yet another birthday.....and played and played outside in the gardens...i have tidied up the garden beds and laid 64 bales of pine straw ...planted sweet and fragrant pansy's...
oh my....i have so many images to share with you...including new art!!  i am super excited about this new medium i have been using...i had been  racking my brain, trying to figure out a way to share my art and photos at an affordable price point.....recently i took an "encaustic" art class and fell in LOVE!  

aren't these daffodils amazing...i wonder how long ago they were planted here...they just keep coming back year after year, like happy little miracles!!

encuastic art involves layering images using hot wax.... it is perfect for collaging snippets of some of my favorite photos with images of my art....
i am so excited about this new process!!  i only wish i wasn't having issues with my computer so i could safely download photos and finally get around to starting up my new etsy shop.
although, rather frustrating, i take this all as a sign... to concentrate on the spring gardens and to play with this new art medium....
and so that is what i will do.
i hope you  are having a wonderful start to your spring.
i have a feeling this is going to be a very good one, indeedy!!


p.s.  if you get a chance, check out this great post, over at "folk" magazine featuring my hometown of franklin and leipers fork....