Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the lovely veil of mosquito netting...

welcome to our favorite room in the house.
we spend lots of time out here..
it's not really a room, but outside on the back deck, tucked under the roof, sitting in our adirondack chairs, sipping on a mojito, made with fresh mint from the garden
  and now...
protected from those pesky mosquitoes that can drive one nuts.

i am lovin the addition of this mosquito netting over the chairs!
it looks so darn pretty
actually does a good job at keeping the bugs at bay.

and the view, from the inside looking out through the veil,
 is quite

what is your favorite room
 at your house?
would love to hear about it.


p.s.  will be picking up my new computer in the next couple of days...makes me kinda nervous and excited to think about learning something new!
we have had such a mild and rainfilled july here in tennessee.....the gardens and the gardener sure appreciate it!
so do the mosquitoes.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

beach brain 2013 the post vacation blues...
here are some shots of some of the things i miss...

i love, love, LOVE
the beach
so very much.

but i love coming home too.

i love coming back to mr. dan
and big kit-ten and lil miss daisy
and you too!

thanks so very much for stopping by today.


my computer has had issues for 7 months now...
every time i take it to the shop, it acts fine, of course!
and so i am hurrying through this post, hoping it will post, crossing my fingers and toes it will post...
looks like it is time for a new one.