Saturday, May 28, 2011

beachy bits from my bloggy break.......

i'm back!

with a serious case of beach brain bliss.......

Monday, May 16, 2011

my new dawn rose....

my favorite climbing rose, is blooming like the dickens right now, and is just as sweet as it can be....

i just LOVE these blush pink beauties, so much! cascading over my swing on the back deck and dropping petals from heaven, to form a soft carpet underfoot...their scent is divine....

life goes way too fast,

please take the time to,


playing along with

this week the theme is "vintage".

after taking tons of photos of my new dawn roses in vintage vases,

i settled on a more simple look, just using a vintage lace tablecloth.

sometimes, simpler is better.



and to simplify my own life a wee bit,

i will be taking a short bloggy break.

i'll see you soon.......i promise.......



Monday, May 9, 2011

sparkly waters.......

as i was driving home from a long day of gardening, tired and dirty,

i spotted this horse who always seems to be standing in this pond.

what was different this particular afternoon,

was all the sparkly water surrounding her...

so of course,

i had to stop my jeep and jump out

to capture this moment of glittery light, of sparkly waters, twinkling all around.

i am once again
playing along with
kim klassen
and her
texture tuesday.

my sparkly waters were made even more beautiful
by adding kim's texture called
"life is good".

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mothers day....

i love being a mom.

it is the best job i have ever had.

my kids are the best.

i am so proud of the adults they have become.

it is a

happy mothers day.



tthank you to my kiddos,

ash and rob


ian and sam

for making me such a happy mama.

i love you.

Friday, May 6, 2011

shattered faerie tale...

my latest paintings......

inspired by the news of the last week...

which started with something so beautiful.

a faerie tale wedding.

of a beautiful prince and a handsome princess.

in an exquisite church, decked out like an english garden.

we got swept away with it all.

we felt the love and the hope and the dreams of it all.

we escaped.

at least for just a little a while.....



just to be yanked back into reality

with the killing of a hunted terrorist.

Monday, May 2, 2011


~ vintage dishes

"poppytrail by metlox"

aztec collection, from the 1950's

made in california (just like me! yeppers, i am a native californian)

~ mom gave these to me

years ago

playing along with



welcome new followers and a special shout out to Mr. Lee's Mom!

have a great week ya'll.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

~gorgeous "swamp jessamine" blooming on one of my arbors....

my favorite evergreen vine for the south.

do you stop to smell the flowers and appreciate the beauty all around you?

~why, yes i do keep my christmas lights up all year. it's so pretty at night.

i am so very, very fortunate to have such pretty things around me....

you never know when, in a blink of an eye (the eye of a storm)

ALL can be taken away.

last wednesday, terrible storms ripped through the south. it was a very long and dark day. at one point, i put my cats in our safe place, when the threat of a tornado was near. luckily, we suffered no damage. but my poor neighbors in alabama, well they suffered through devastating tornadoes...the likes of which we have never seen. my heart is breaking for the people who lost their homes, their livelihood and the LIVES of loved ones.

if you would like to help the people of alabama, even in a small way, i have included a link with a list of ways you can help.

and of course PRAYERS are always accepted.

i am joining suzan for project genesis where you can share ideas of how to create change.