Friday, June 29, 2012

call me crazy, but i slip covered my dishwasher.

slip covered my dishwasher
in an old
feed sack.
 five years ago, mr. dan and i painted our 1975 kitchen cupboards.
at the time, i thought it was cool to paint all the top cupboards linen white and all the bottom cupboards in this dark charcoal color.
see below.

 in this "before" (actually, "during") pic you can see i have painted the bottom cupboards on the left and on the right is the old dreary color, that just zapped the room of light and energy.  you can also see that i was playing around with window treatments.  the crocheted tablecloth has been removed from the window and all the painting is finished now.  so, my freshly lightened kitchen had this black dishwasher, that stuck out like a sore thumb.  i thought about covering it with wallpaper or contact paper or tile or peel and stick flooring and even thought of painting it....none of these ideas seemed right....this is not the kind of dishwasher with the removable thinking outside the box, i went through my stash of fabrics and settled on this old feed sack which was the perfect color and even has subtle stripes that mimic the cabinet molding.
 i simply cut the feed sack to size... hemmed all around and fastened it to the sides of the dishwasher with velcro (bought at michaels with a 1/2 off coupon).
easily removable for washing or changing out to something different in the future.
i likey.
i likey alot.
 here are some purdy pictures of my newly brightened kitchen.
the light merrily bounces around the room now...

it is amazing how the lighter bottom cupboards have made such a huge change and make me happy.  
me thinks the dishwasher is happier too.

p.s.  last night my neighbor's house, two doors up, caught on fire.
we watched huge flames firing towards the sky shooting from the back of their house.
it felt like it took forever for the firemen to get the water running.
my street was filled with emergency vehicles, neighbors, smoke, flashing lights, crime scene tape, exhausted firemen re-cooping on the ground...
no one was hurt.
the damage will be accessed this morning, i spose...
the burning images of colorado springs on fire, where my brother-in-law lived, and we vacationed, is disturbing, to say the least.
so many fires out there.
some fourth of july fire works displays have been canceled here, due to our dry conditions.
another 107 degree day here in tennessee.
still no rain in sight.
it feels like the whole world is on fire.
tell me it's

Friday, June 22, 2012

happy summer!

it's too hot to play outside!

i'm doin a

what are you up too?


p.s.i am joining debra for inspiration friday

you MUST visit her today,
 as she is showcasing elizabeth maxson's funkylicious home!  love it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 i woke up early saturday mornin....
coffee and camera in hand....
headed out to the back porch...
my favorite place to be,
 before the heat of the day sets in....
 joyfully snapping away,
 at the queen annes lace,
 plucked from the side of the road yesterday.
 it had rained the night before..
 and i started to notice...
 the sparkly drippy drips...
hanging from the chairs.
 a photo-op,
 of the sparkly kind....
as i focused on the drips...
 something caught my eye...
in the back...
by the old veggie garden...
i was not the only early riser this morn.
see him there.
 i had seen him around for years...
but never in my yard.
(funny how we say "MY yard" if it is really OURS.)
 i knew he must be after our family of rabbits...
Peter, his wifey,
or worse their 3 baby's...
 our family of chip monks...
 our birds.
(funny how we say "our" if they truly are OURS.)
i quickly shooed him away, with camera in hand, snapping his departure...
 several birds dove and squawked at him  as he cockily ran...
he was too close for comfort

 and made us feel
wildly awake


Sunday, June 10, 2012

light through the larkspur

 the late afternoon sun,
 casts such a beautiful light,
through the luminous flowers,
 nestled around this old bench,
 at the back of my property.

and his wifey,
 in the light.

i am.