Friday, June 20, 2014 bedroom

hi friends!
just poppin in to give you a little tour of my bedroom....

decluttered, simplified and freshened

 up for the summer....

mr. dan went on a fishing trip recently,
and i developed a serious crush.
his name is
benjamin moore.


this perfect soft blue/grey is called "silver cloud" it!
and it went on like one coat.

i have had these two old doors hanging out in my living room like forever....and i brought them in here, plopped them on either side of the bed..... and loved the simple/zen look so much, that i scrapped the whole idea of using two old garden gates that i purchased recently as a headboard (sorry, forgot to include a photo of the gates....which weigh a couple of tons.....and probably would have fallen off the wall and killed someone.....which would not be a bad way to go....actually).

my friend kim leggett from "city farmhouse",

who owns one of my very favorite stores in franklin....
came up with the brilliant idea of  hanging some lights from the doors
 (and of course i had the perfect lights in my prop room...who doesn't?)

and she suggested i hang some of my handmade

( words+wire=wirds )

above the bed.

inspired by the little sign that i "lifted"
 from a stay at the ritz carleton.

thanks kim!
for the great ideas!!

white chenille bedspread from a tag sale
was a bargain for $5.

love me some
 ball fringe.

a mix match of bedding...

annabelle hydrangea cut from my backyard
on a bedside table...

"hi there!"

funky accessories
just for fun...

part of an old yo yo quilt as dresser scarf...

these lights,
at night
 are so perfect!

lavender is soothing....
darling daughter gave me the awesome vase.

and simple white/breezy sheers bought at world market
soften the big windows.

i absotootly 
love my bedroom now!

 hope you enjoyed this little tour today
you are having a good summer!!
(officially starts tomorrow!)


p.s.  i have installed fancy schmancy logos on my side bar...
but, i can not for the life of me figure out how to make them smaller? ? and gave up trying for now...the computer can be such a time suck!
you can click on them to instantly take you to my links....
won't you please 
"follow" me
on Face book 

p.p.s i have been the proud owner of my very first smart phone for about a month now....
and i am totally addicted to Instagram!!!
sooooo fun.