Monday, November 19, 2012

giving thanks

 so very thankful
for the warm
 glow of love
 from my god
my family
my friends 
it envelopes me like a fuzzy blanket.

my old friend, steve made this awesome harvest table for me, with old barnwood that i had found.
and mr. dan sanded it.
love it!
my new friends, esli and david pelly, of pelly farms in kentucky,
searched their 3rd generation farm sheds and found these cool - old - black - boy scout folding chairs for me....david's dad was the boy scout leader.
david even power washed them for me!
perfect, PERFECT sitting around the table!
each one of them DIFFERENT than the other...which i love.
boy scouts sat on these back in the fifties and sixties.....and then they were stored away and forgotten about until i mentioned to esli that i was looking for old folding chairs....
i just hit them with some clear spray sealer....and some  earl  oil, so they fold up without a sound.

more than just a harvest table and folding chairs.
to wonderful people.

giving thanks.

my heart is full.

we will be traveling to my daughter and son-in-laws home in mississippi....their very first thanksgiving meal in their new home....served on the very same family table we handed down to them.... that was handed down to traditions ....connections...breaking bread is all so important.....
and i am so very thankful.

may you have a blessed thanksgiving


Saturday, November 17, 2012


plant bulbs now and you may have blooms for christmas.
(i am reposting this, as a reminder to plant now!)

i just potted these sweeties up a week and a half ago!
so much fun to watch grow.

it's refreshing to have something alive and growing in the house.

don't forget the amaryllis too!

have you planted yours yet?
btw...paperwhites are pungent and if you are sensitive like me, you may have to keep your distance when they bloom.
still worth it though, that is if you love little white clusters of sweet dainty flowers.
who doesn't?

i am off to the flea market today, to get away from holiday decorating for a while..........i need the fresh air!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

fall on the farm

 last friday, i enjoyed a gorgeous autumn day of junking,
  with one of my besties, anna....
we headed up to the tiny town of smith's grove, kentucky....
we came home with a truck full of treasures and these gorgeous images of 

 is he smiling
or what!

thank you esli (love her name!) and david pelly           
 for letting us poke around your gorgeous farm!


Thursday, November 8, 2012 full.

it's november!
 and my thoughts have turned to putting the gardens to bed and nesting and to holiday decorating....i usually decorate the house, of one of my client's, starting before thanksgiving...which means next week...but this year, she wants me to start decorating after 10,000 square fee, it is a big, having a few weeks off, well i almost don't know what to do with myself?  almost.

 november is a month to be thankful...yes of course....and to start nesting.....i decided to rearrange a few things in my own sun room....and removed almost all color except for whites and winter whites... a blank canvas for christmas decorating....with so many visual things that go on in my life (gardening, photography, art and such)  this neutral blank canvas is totally calming and inviting to me.
easy on the eyes.

i am so thankful for every piece in this room... and as i look around, i realize every single thing in here has lived another life....from the furniture to the curtains (curtain rods too, they used to be garden stakes)...the blankets and pillows...

mccoy pots
gene the snowgoose

garden trellis'
re purposed cabinets

even the chandy

everything had a previous life.
and owner.

and soul.

and story.

november is a time to give thanks...yes.
and i am so very thankful, for this room and this sheltering nest and the comfort it gives me and for all of the interesting things that are in it.
but these are just things....
and i can easily do without them.
i could never
do without the people in my life.
my family and friends...of course...goes without saying...
you bloggy followers of mine
you blow me away!

and i am so thankful for y'all!  you come here... out of your busy day and leave me the nicest, most encouraging comments and some of you keep coming back...even when i am so late with getting back to you....and maybe don't get back to you at all...i am guilty of that for sure....but it is y'all...YOU....who have made it possible for little ol me to come out of her artistic shell and show her stuff and feel good about it...and comfortable... YOU have made me comfy cozy, i tell ya....and i feel you and i am full....and now i am starting to sell my art and let it out into the world....and YOU...y'all have been there with your kind words and inspiring reassurance....after  300+ posts and 5200+ comments left by you lovely bloggy followers, only 1 negative comment has been left...and that one negative comment was, "erin, your paintings, really?"  and the answer is YES, anne marie MY paintings, REALLY....even that one comment has helped me... you have made me push myself and better myself into something that i did not even know i could be....perhaps i knew...but had reminded me...

and i
thank you