Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy halloween!!

let's take a cemetery tour...

we all have skeleton's in our closet...

embrace your skeleton's! go ahead, give them a hug!
have a safe and happy halloween!!

all photos taken in New Orleans or right here in my Franklin neighborhood cemetery.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

fields of gold...

" so she took her love for to gaze awhile
upon the fields of barley
in his arms she fell as her hair came down
among the fields of gold"
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Monday, October 26, 2009

my wish for you...

i hope the light shines perfectly on your day!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

autumnal touches around the house...

welcome...come on in!

do not be afraid...that "boo" sign that i made, is as scary is it gets around here as i like to keep halloween fun for the really little trick or treaters. well, when the seasons change, i get busy changing things up in and around the house. i love change!

in the fall, i like to add touches of brown and bittersweet orange around my usually all white palette. i add vintage prints which I've been collecting forever and some of my own artwork.

do you see the wooden bobbin /button bouquet...i used to sell those at a local gift store. the lovely little autumn framed print i found years ago...

and perhaps helped to inspire my painting.

i gather tons of inspiration from nature and spend a lot of time looking up into the trees. i find the light peeking through the glittery leaves quite beautiful and peaceful.

another vintage print which i found for 3 dollars and on the same day...i found the frame for it for 3 dollars! pretty lucky wouldn't you say?

these vintage milk bottles were given to me from a very dear friend. i remember milk being delivered to my house when i was little... yikes, showing my age here...

i found this wire basket recently for a dollar. the gourds are some that i grew and painted white.

i usually like to buy hand made or natural items, but this guy i confess came from a gift store. he is wearing a hand knit sweater though.

i love these little white pumpkins so much... i have just started to collect "poor mans silver".

a ghost mirror and a brown paper bag jack o lantern that my sweet daughter made many moons ago...

my daughters pottery, a vintage print and good smelling soaps sit atop a garage sale shelf in the bath .

this white cupboard is one of my faves...years ago, a friend of mine and of all people, Gilda Radnor fought over it in a new england shop. apparently, my friend had her check book out first and got the cupboard. it has been country blue, black and now white. and yes, i mean Rosanna Anna Danna, Gilda Radnor. boy, do i miss her..........

my hand stitched pillows add some color.

as does this comfy critter... i guess i should let him stay since he matches the decor.

thanks for coming over!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a walk in the woods...

go outside and play!
before it's too late.
these photos were taken at radnor lake in brentwood, tn.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

natural beauty and thrifty finds...

i photographed this beautiful scene on the way to a barn sale last week in a nearby village.

the equestrian reflections stopped me in my tracks.

i sensed this was going to be a good day for thrifting...

and it was. a friendly country couple had two dirty beat-up old chairs for sale. the old farmer was embarrassed that he hadn't yet refinished them. no problem. the bigger dark green chair had just the right amount of natural cracking of its old paint. $10=sold!

the smaller turquoise rocker with its missing rockers, perfectly time worn. $5=sold!

my initial thought was to paint them white, but after i scrubbed these babies with bleach and dish liq, they revealed themselves as the beauties that i new lie beneath! i stacked one on top of the other to bring them in the house and realized immediately they belonged that way. one on top of another.

together forever.

and how delighted i was to discover the colors were perfect for my entry, below one of my paintings and next to the robin's egg blue stairway that no one cares for (the color that is. too intense, i actually took a real robin's egg to be color matched, one inspired spring day, but that is another story.)

i love these little chairs and i'm glad to give them a home.

it was a good day!


as i was leaving the sale...over the old farmers shoulder i spotted this gorgeous color on the side of the barn and of course just had to take a snap of it.

the old farmer had no idea my interest in this...he'd probably never noticed the beauty here before. sometimes if you look at something for too long, you no longer see it.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


please enjoy some photos taken in Historic Germantown (downtown Nashville area) on

Oktoberfest 2009

this area has wonderful old bungalows mixed with hip new made to look old structures.

i have attended this fun festival for years and it has grown immensely.

the people watching (one of my fave sports) is incredible.

nothing says Oktoberfest better than studs in leiderhosen! (sp?!)

this really colorful neighborhood usually has a tour of homes on this date,

but this year the tour will be in December showcasing holiday decorating.

of course i'll be there for that!

this particular home was on a recent tour and these guys were featured on an h.g.t.v. show.

check out the staircase inside this home + reflection!

the season is slowly changing here.

i'll try to give you an up to date fall foliage forecast.
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