Monday, October 12, 2009

sage love...

one of my favorite fall blooming flowers...Mexican sage.

i have just gathered this beauty TODAY!

and only because my hubby complained that it was hard to mow around.

sorry dear.

so i thought i'd bring it in the house when i realized HE had actually MOWED it DOWN.

it was my fault...i mentioned the other day that i rarely stake my plants.

i'm too lazy and quite frankly, you never see stakes holding plants up "in nature".

most times i don't like how they look.

Mexican sage is a super easy to grow herb.

the hard part is remembering to plant it in the spring, knowing that it's going to be good. really good when fall comes.
it can also be hard to find, as nurseries tend to sell flowers that are in bloom for instant gratification. and these babies don't bloom until it cools off. as does the equally stunning Pineapple sage growing in the background there.

in the spring these plants, well ,they just don't show well. but in the fall...

come to mama!

i have major love for Pineapple sage as well!
although, red is not my favorite color...but the hummingbirds...well they LOVE IT and are still visiting this baby as they have been migrating through.

Mexican sage dries very well too and keeps its color for years!
i promise.
i know, cause i hold on to stuff.
guess i'll keep the hubby too.
somebody has to mow the lawn.


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

They're really lovely. And the idea that you can dry them is neat.

Donna said...

Beautiful! You take gorgeous pics.
Thank you for sharing this.

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh just love the lighting in the last picture, so pretty.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Keep the hubby!! That's a given!

So I just learnt quite a bit about sage. I do believe I have only ever seen it in leaf form by way of the supermarket!! sad i know!! haha
Lovely images and lovely education. One day when I FINALLY have a little cottage and garden I will plant some sage.

I did know though that sage has antibacterial properties and sage tea is good for a sore throat. And dried sage was traditionally used as for 'space clearing' to clear negative energies.
And Clary Sage.. good for insomnia.

oooh I just looked up some more and found out that Sage Tea is good for hot flashes. I might need that soon!! hahaha

There you go.. my contribution. Hope you don't mind me hogging your comments. Your lovely images inspired me!

Ciao bella x Julie

Carole said...

I love Julie's comments....she cracks me up!
Well all I know is I love salvia too and can't get anyone to buy it. This time of year all customers ask me is "is this a perennial?"
Don't you wish!!!!
But I don't care I'll just keep them in the greenhouse til next year. You should see the one we have my our register. It's beyond gorgeous. I think you've inspired me to cut some for the house. Pineapple sage is the same thing. You'd never know from that little pathetic 4" pot that something would get so big and striking. It's great used in chicken too....when I used to eat chix I loved it:)
Ok I've used enough of your space too.
Blame it on JULIE!!! or maybe it's her alter ego Ruby!