Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY flower cake

i made myself a birthday cake!

out of flowers.
no calories!
unless you eat them.

my birthday isn't until next week.
it is o.k. to celebrate early  all month.
i do.

i have made this kind of flower cake a couple of times before.
once for a friend's birthday
and another time for a garden club demonstration.

i am sorry i can not remember where i found this idea.
most likely from martha?

it is so easy.
pretty too,
and lasts a long time.

and because it is my birthday month
and i am celebrating...

i have put together a little tutorial on how to make this cake...

here goes...
you will need two pieces of rectangular florists foam,
cut the ends off to form a square to fit your cake stand.

you will also need fresh flowers with strong stems.
 carnation's and daisy's work well.

i found bunches of flowers on sale for 50 cents at my local grocery.
total cost $3.50!
  i'll have to remember to buy my flowers on thursdays when the not so fresh ones are sold on clearance.
just found that out ...yippie.
50 cents!

i used the bottom of a plate to depress a circle shape guide into the foam.

cut away the foam to form a cake shape.

make sure your foam shape fits the cake stand,
 with about an inch of space for the flowers.
the 2 foam pieces do not have to be attached to each other, rather just standing next to each other.

completely soak your foam in water.

place soaked foam back on stand.

cut flowers leaving about 2 inches of stem.

 start poking flowers into foam, starting on the bottom row.

add rows of flowers overlapping slightly.

fill in the top layer with flowers.

that's it!
at this point, i decided to transfer my flower cake to a different, more sparkly, silver cake stand
 and i changed the rows of flowers slightly.

i welcome
 the month of march.
for my birthday
for flowers
for cake
for st. patty's day (erin means ireland yunno)
for longer days

and i am grateful.
my gardeners.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

our first real snowfall!

it snowed today!!
yippie skippie!
as we watched the rain turn into big fat snowflakes...
my excitement began to build...
and when the snow began to stick to the ground,
well, i knew we were goin on a little field trip!

mr. dan and i threw on some clothes,
skipped brushing our teeth...ew...
and headed for our favorite country road for a few photos
 (make that a few hundred)

i have been anxiously awaiting this first snowfall all winter.

i was as giddy as a young school girl.
(try that sentence with a german is much funnier)

i love snow!

the snow was soooo wet i had to carry an umbrella to keep my camera from getting wet.
i finally understand why someone invented those stupid looking hats with the umbrella would have come in handy.

as we returned back to the old homestead...
this is my house with snow on the roof....
it was still coming down,
 in big wet flakes...

some of them even look like little white hearts!
do you see the hearts?

snow covered angels and floating white hearts falling from the sky...
a little piece of

a couple of hours later the snow was completely gone
 and then mr. sunshine even came out.
i am so glad we rushed out to take pictures when we did!
p.s.  i know how to add a snow effect in photoshop but did not use it on any of these photos...nature took care of that for me.

have a good week!

this is my first attempt at the new google way of new (to me, anyway) that i can not even recall the name for it!  anyhoo, i hope i did it right...learning something new is good for us, right?

i have also installed the new linky followers button on my sidebar...i have been reading all sorts of rumors ("rumor has it", i love that song by adele) about google discontinuing the google friend connect button as of march 1st....i hope this does not happen as i love my followers and i don't want to loose a single one of you!!  you can sign up to follow me in the new linky follower gadget if you care too....i am a little confused by the whole darn thing, but feel sure it will work itself out....fingers crossed here.

Monday, February 13, 2012

happy valentines day!

sorry ladies, he's taken.
~i love you~