Wednesday, April 25, 2012

dogwood trees a bloomin!

i am still here!
i have been so busy with
 all things spring...
including my gardening biz...
and exercise...
and painting my kitchen trim (3 coats, er)
and my photography...
and my art...
and junking (oh you should see some of my finds...hmmmm, you probably will)
and a glorious trip to fall creek falls, tennessee...right before Easter, where the
 dogwood trees
 were putting on a lacy show... right in front of our cabin...and all through the woods...
and so of course, i had to capture them!
~i have included some shots of my dogwood paintings, that i hung on an old barn behind my son, ian's house~

this was the view from our balcony! dogwood trees in bloom everywhere, right down to the lake!
my girlfriend, jenny said,
 "it's like the there's a bouquet right there in the trees".

and in my own backyard, with the afternoon light coming through the trees,
 the dogwoods
were most

well, i must say that this is quite an exuberant time of year for me...i spend lots of time outside...the mild weather has me jazzed and energetic, sore and exhausted.
i must confess, i was kind of rusty putting together this post and i feel quite behind in blogging...truth be told, the dogwoods were blooming almost a month many flowers are already spent...the trees are completely leafed out and the sweet birds are
"putting their chirp on!"
 (to quote mr. dan). 
 we have many nests of baby birds in the garden, and when the mama bird fly's in to feed the youngins, they chirp like crazy!  it sounds like we live in an it.

thanks so much for hanging with me and my infrequent posts.
i sure do like you.

thanks too, to debra at common ground blog for featuring my easter room on her blog...
so sweet of you.


p.s.  my daughter and son in law will be here tomorrow for a short visit...friday we are going to see van halen (remember them?) at the bridgestone arena...saturday is the franklin main street festival AND the nashville flea market...and sunday is a graduation party for a friends daughter and then the susan tedeschi (love her bluesy voice, so much!) concert at ryman auditorium that night...
told you i have been busy.
fun times!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

spring easter room...

i thought i had better show you my
easter decorations,
can you believe it is this sunday??

"time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin,
into the future..."

i added shades of blues and aquas to my already whit-ish room...
i have been collecting and loving chenille blankets and crochet pieces for a long time,
and layered the room with these,
and sprinkled vintage treasures all around.....

i brought in an old wash tub,
 from the porch, to use as a fun end table.

layered with
 crochet pieces,
an old globe
(with just the right hues of blues)
a vintage tulip door stop.

i constantly change my art work around
 (and try to use existing nails when possible, ahem, 
sometimes this makes for interesting compositions)...

this is one of my paintings from a series that i have been working on.
this one is called

i have been having fun using burlap and  bits of lace affixed to my canvas's
and pretty spring-like paint colors on top.
a more impressionistic style for me,
which i am really liking.
i'll share the other paintings in this series soon... 

i printed out some of my recent spring photos
 (on plain ol typing paper)
and taped them to the backs of the two frames made from molding.

one of two garden trellis' brought in from the garden...
garden fencing too, serves as a wainscoting.

i was thrilled to find this blue toy jeep at the nashville flea!
bunny seems to like it.

i drive a jeep
and love it!

my makeshift chandy made from wind chimes hangs way down in the middle of the room,
and tinkles ever so sweetly when i walk by.

i hung a vintage print on the door knob of the old hutch,
and set fluffy chics on top (sitting in front of one of my aqua beachy paintings).

more touches of blues and aquas.

 a chenille doll blankey, from my childhood
(that means it is definitely vintage!  gulp.)

 i borrowed some of my enamel ware pitchers from the kitchen,
 as the colors were perfect.

a cute yellow bunny and more crochet.

a bluebird pillow that i made years ago.

cheeky candle chicks.

big kit-ten approves of the pillows.
me too!

i am sharing at these easter blog parties this week...

debra at common ground
french country home.

have a truly

p.s.  thanks so much for your thoughts on my new header!  i love the idea of a collage, but am having a hard time settling on which pictures!  i am fickle, yunno! so until then, i am using a shot i took looking out my kitchen window.  i think it rather pretty.

i sure appreciate y'all!!