Tuesday, July 13, 2010


while visiting one of my favorite blogs this morning,
i was introduced to another blogger who i will never know........
very sadly
i found out about her through her grieving husband's post.
a terribly tragic
reminder to
live every day
there is no tomorrow.
sending my deepest condolences and love to this young family.


PcheƂka said...

very sad ...you must be very sensitive person to the problems of the other it is very rare feature..I like you, your blog and what you are writing ...

Razmataz said...

I read her husbands letter and was moved to tears. I don't think I ever came across her blog before now. I do think will be nice for her family to have her blog to read one day to remember all the things she was doing, all lovingly chronicled in her blog.

Unknown said...

my godness...i went over to that post and was left speechless! so very sad. I thank you for helping me find it.i was meant to read that post. we can ALL learn about how precious life is and how much we need to love and appreciate each other while we have the chance to. i will be keeping that lovely family in my thoughts and prayers.

Luiza said...

I went there to read her husbands post/letter, and now I´m totally heartbroken!
What a wonderful and brave man, I admire him for making such a wonderful post for his wife.
I´m in tears , and speechless...

I never came across her blog before, but I thank you for linking!


It's me said...

O yes.i read it now at a lot of blogs..........it is so sad sad news.......i have no words.............that poor man and those children..no words....sorry......

oldgreymare said...


Tears are flowing all across the country including here in my den. What a post you linked us to. All day I have been purging and trying to remind myself of where I'm going and and what it is I truly want and when I became stuck on something material, reminding myself of what is important.

Reading that post brings it smack up into your heart as we all thought immediately of our loved ones, Yes?

It is far too easy to get caught up in the trivial. What a lovely woman she must have been to have been loved so deeply by her husband. Extra prayers for this family will be said by many.

Thank you Erin.



Carole said...

Oh Erin I read it last night and was so moved by her husbands strength. SO sad. I read a post before that.....she mentioned how you never know what life will bring you. She just seemed so full of life and hope. SOoo not fair.

I had to ask my husband if he would write in my blog if I died.
He said probably not....he doesn't get the whole thing so I understand but I'd like to think he would write something.

Live for today!