Sunday, August 19, 2012

hello friends!
  it is me,
remember me??
 blogging from my tiny lap top...i call it a half top...because it is so small...
it seems that, my big puter seems to be sick...errrrrr.

i have so many pictures and things to share with you...
but it is really difficult to do on this half top...

i just finished a huge project for my darling daughter , ashley.
she turns 30 this week.
(that must make me older than i think i am?)
happy birthday , ash!!
 i surprised her with a video of photos from her life...starting with a shot of me the day before she was born, until the present.

what a project!!  i had to go through 30 years of  her life.... in photos (which were NOT organized...i have been meaning to get to that)
 choose which ones to include...i chose about 200!
  then scan and crop and photoshop all of them...... CHOOSE some great tunes to go with the photos...and then edit.
how does one edit ones life?
fit the photos to the music
edit some more...
gotta tell ya....this was such a wrenching  and emotional project for revisit all of these beautiful memories of my child's life...of MY smart girl friends told me to treat it as a business project and stay focused on getting it done, or i would have stopped to look at EVERY SINGLE PICTURE...
many that i had not seen in years.

i settled on about 120 photos.
(of the most beautiful little girl who was ever born...right?  isn't that what every mama thinks?  well, it is true)

and two songs...
van morrisson's "she's as sweet as tupelo honey"
jason mraz' "live high"
and when it was finally "in the can"
 and mr. dan and i viewed it for the first time on our big screen...
we just cried and cried.
not supposed to tell you that.
i sobbed actually..
it was like a huge release for me.

so, i am emotionally drained.
in a good way.
my puter is sick.
in a bad way.
and i feel like making a shift.
a shift towards making some art.
and i am excited by the thought of that.
 here i come.


mama loves you.
so much!
glad you liked the video!
he he

good tears.

say hi to the beach for me.


KarenB said...

What a treasure she now has. Such an incredible gift.

miabellavintage said...

Tears of joy I hope! What a beautiful gift.

Terriea Kwong said...

GREAT mama you made the precious gift for your angel. Watching the years back is a wonderful moment especially the growing path of our kids. Happy Birthday to Ashley.

Lynne said...

Such a treasure you have given her . . .

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I am sure she appreciates all the hard work you put into it all. What a treasure to have.
Computer problems here this morning also - laptop won't pick up internet signal from router. Went thru all the troubleshooting steps and got no where. :(

Debbie Nolan said...

Erin - that gift is going to keep on giving - I am certain it will be shared with the next generation. There is happy tears and I think they are the best ones! Thanks for sharing. God Bless.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift you have given her for her 30th b'day. Before I read that you cried I was thinking I would cry when I watched it!! Such sweet memories :)

Cindy said...

Whoa, i bet that was a powerful emotional experience. I'm sure it will be a family treasure now,so all the work you put into it will be worth it for years to come.
And so now... art and painting! Isn't it just so like that, one almost has to clear away other distractions, or projects or ideas to be able to move on to the creative process of painting. I'm the same with the dishes, i have to have the dishes clean, out of the sink and put away, before i start to cook again!


michele said...

i get it. i really do. i actually avoid home videos and all those photos because they are powerful for me and pull me into that blissful part of my life where anything seemed possible and my heart was bursting at the seams.

bravo on that priceless treasure you created for her!


Unknown said...

Such a sweet post!

Lisa said...

Way to go, Mama! So many blessings. There is much inspiration in there. : )Will be watching for the painting to follow...

Georgianna said...

Hello, dear Erin! What a memorable gift you created for your daughter. That will be a precious treasure always. Very much looking forward to your next painting creations.

Wishing you a great week!


Carole said...

Oh Erin what a great gift she must have flipped when she received it. You are a good and thoughtful mama!

Sorry about your computer. I have to buy another but just can't decide. Buying things like that just isn't fun is it?

oldgreymare said...

What a loving mama you are <3
what a treasure and gift for both of you - to know how much you love each other -
I adore those cathartic sobbing happy/sad cries -good for the soul.
Happy Birthday Ashley - it's great to be 30

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Erin, your gift is something I am sure she will treasure forever!
What a dear mom you are.. I know how much work that is..

Sorry about your computer...
Now on to your art... I cannot wait to see what your brush and heart will create.
Blessings to you, and happy birthday to your daughter.

Don said...

Oh, mama! Good on ya!