Thursday, November 5, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I have been reflecting a lot lately about this here blog of mine... and what path I want it to take...

For me, digging in the dirt is the best way to work things out in my body and in in my mind. We still have not had a deep freeze here and the warm sunny days have been absolutely perfect for gardening.

hundreds of bulbs and pansy's have been planted, perennials cut back, notes taken...

and of course there are those LEAVES!!

the clean up has begun and will continue until all have been composted or mulched. We have over thirty mature trees in our yard (I know because I counted). I do love the trees, yes indeedy, but leaf removal...not so much.

So with all of this hard glorious work going on, I have "worked" something out...

it has come to my attention through some dear blogging friend's, that I should add the "Followers Gadget" to my sidebar.

I have been informed I may have missed opportunities to acquire followers by not having this gadget?! Who knew?

When I first started this blog, I had NO earthly idea of what I was doing. No computer or typing skills I just jumped right in and started learning all I could about uploading some nice photos ( I have tons of them to share). I have been focusing on learning all I can about my new DSLR camera. Early on, I saw a short video tip about blogging where this guy said NOT to display the Followers Gadget until you had over twenty friends, or you would appear as a LOSER.


guess what, I'm a loser...I still have very few. Wwwaaaaa....

but I am coming out!!

So...although this is totally embarrassing AND I am never comfortable asking for anything for myself...

here goes...


Will you please be my follower?

Pretty please?

But only if you want to.

I promise I'll always have something pretty for you to look at.


Better Late Than Never


Anonymous said...

like your photos!

Debra@CommonGround said...

By all means, I'm thrilled to join in. Your photos are beautiful and thought provoking, I'm loving them all and the fact that you are a garden person is perfect. I can live out my fantasies of beautiful gardens thru your hands and eyes!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Can I follow twice? Cause I would!!
Erin dear heart you are one of my MUST read bloggers!!

Please keep keeping us entertained with beauty!!
xxxxx Julie

From the Old InkWell said...

Erin, I can totally relate. I started my blog a few months ago and just dove in without really knowing where I was going with it, still not quite sure, but I know I love it. It's a whole new world to explore. You blog is gorgeous and I'm sure others will discover you and feel the same.

Anonymous said...

I've been a follower of yours for many years and it has gotten me in trouble some times! Yes, I will continue to be a follower of your blog and I look at it almost every day even though I don't post many comments.
I'm so proud of your tallents and proud that you are my friend. I want the people who follow your blog to know that besides being a good artist you are a really good person, period! Wish they could all meet you.


Carole said...

I wish I could meet you in person too....hey maybe you could come up with Scarlet to Brimfield:) lol you could get me deals..ha-ha! Your blog is one of my favorites and I think since I met you thru B&W I've not missed a word or picture. I guess you could call me a groupie!!!
Honestly I don't know where I'm going with my blog either....I just learn as I go. I guess that's the fun of it.....the process!
Be good!!!
ps...please read that link!

martha said...

Erin, we emailed once-found out we were both in Franklin-from Tracy Porter's blog.she is back have a mostlovely blog...i enjoy it and hope we meet one day!

Luiza said...

Hi, Erin!
I´ve been sent over by Julie.

No problem, I´ll be your follower, not only becuase you ask me too, but also becuase I really want too.
Your blog is wonderful, I like it so much, and the photos gorgeous.
I´m thankful to Julie , for sending me over!

Whoever told you , one is a loser, must have a really bad selfconfidence, don´t you think?

You are far from being a loser, and soon, you will have more followers, than he could ever dream of...=)

Have a really nice weekend.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

First - You are NOT a loser. I checked when I first happened on your blog to see if you were set up for followers and you were not at that time, so I added you to my Favorites list to check for new posts. I have been blogging almost a year and I am still stumbling along. Had no idea what I was doing and still don't. :-) Great pictures. Pansies are so pretty - I did not plant any this year since they don't do real great here. Speaking of leaves, I need to get off the computer and get busy - my courtyard is knee deep in leaves.
Beautiful weather. Have a great weekend.

Tammie Lee said...

I was late to add the followers gadget as well. I felt shy to do so, or maybe it felt like ego some how. But then I realized how handy it is to stay in touch with one another by following and being followed. So much easier. It is even practical. At first there were only a few followers and then the blogging friends grow and grow. Quite sweet really. Your photos are lovely, a wonderful portrait of autumn~

KarenB said...

Hi Erin. I only found you recently, I think at your Halloween post, but right away added you to my favorites. I'm now a follower and I totally understand your dilemma. I actually have the follower button on mine, but don't have so many. I'm not sure why and am trying to not care. It's not really about that, I think. It's because it's seriously fun and I am learning a lot no matter how many people want to follow along or not. Plus, I DO NOT have a pretty of photos as you do. Maybe I need to take a photography class. I've been thinking about it. Have a good weekend and I'll be back!
Karen @ Elderberry Street

Chicago Chic said...

New follower! :)

Luiza said...

Hi, again!
You wrote, that you would like to translate my page. I´m happy to tell you, that I have a translation tool at my page and even if it´s worthless in many languages, it works quite good in english =). So next time you come over, to see me, scroll down a bit, and you´ll find the tool.

Have a wonderful sunday!

debra@dustjacket said...

Ha I thought I was, will check that one out. Hey great photo's as per usual, clever girl. That first photo with the shadows and the beautiful blue and leaves...gorgeous.

The Pocket Stylist said...

Gorgeous pictures. I love fall the leaves are so amazing!!! Following!