Tuesday, September 22, 2009

happy fall y'all!

yippee!! today is the first day of autumn!!

after spending a glorious week at the beach and coming home to a drenched tennessee (been raining all week here and more to come!)

just to find a flooded crawlspace cause the darn sump pump wasn't working, ugh,

yes, the vacation is officially over....

but i love the change i feel in the air. slightly cooler temps, shorter days and fall flowers blooming.......even some fallen leaves from the old hackberry trees.

what a difference a week makes! and i love change. embrace it really. i can't imagine living in a place where the seasons don't change?

so i decorated with a few autumnal goodies to put me in the mood and warm up my otherwise neutral palette of decor. i'll add more as it continues to cool off and halloween nears...........

and to really snap me out of the after vacation blues, my dear, dear friend sent me a package tied up with strings, filled with a few of my favorite things ( sorry, i couldn't help myself)

a beautifully wrapped gift FILLED with LOVE!

thank you so, so much!

you know me so well. our friendship is the greatest gift of all.

kisses and a big smooch darlin!

happy fall y'all!!


Ellen said...

love those images. you have inspired me to get going here at river folly!

Carole said...

I couldn't image living in a place with no change of seasons either. Your fireplace mantel is gorgeous and the painting as well.
The first song on your playlist is perfect for the season.
I love rain but not if it floods your basement...so sorry to hear you had to come home to that. Yuck!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Erin
Beuatiful images and what a lovely friend sending you those gifts!! Really sweet. [Love your painting over the mantle also]

Thank you so much for your concern re our Dust Storm. I have to tell you I;ve just got up to get ready for work [the day after] and I am so tired from yesterday. It was exhausting and I have fine dust all through my apartment.. not too bad.. but all through my airconditioner too...might have to do a post on it.. just couldn't be bothered last night posting anything!! it was sort of funny... but not!!!
You are so sweet to think of me.. very touching!!
xx Julie

Drawn to The Sea said...

Your blog is lovely... so much inspiration. Your love of life shows in every photo & in every word.


Anonymous said...

Love your fall decorations, can't wait to see them in person. I posted a comment on your beach vacation but it never posted. Wanted you to know how jealous I am tht you went without me. I could picture myself sitting beside you looking at the sky and water, rum and coke in hand!


Anonymous said...

Love your fall decorations, can't wait to see them in person. Posted a comment on your beach vacation but it never went through. Wanted to let you know how jealous I was that you went on a beach vacation without me. The photos were great and I could imagine myself sitting beside you with a rum & coke in hand watching the views.