Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the love

welcome to my living room...

i'd love to share some of my paintings with you


give you a hint of where hubby and i are going!!

can you guess?

i have just discovered a blog that hosts "waterside wednesday" and i would love to join in.

ever since i first vacationed at the gulf of mexico while a tweenager,

i have been in love!

in love with the water,

the open space,

the sand,

the sky,

the freckles.

the love!!!!!!!!!!

and i will be there in a couple of heart is a fluttering.

i have'nt figured out the "mr. linky" thingy...

but please go to barbara jacksier's blog for more waterside wednesday...

i promise i'll learn about "mr. linky" for next time :O) that is if i don't suffer from
beach brain and if i come back? he he


Lou said...

Oh Erin!!!
How delicious to find a kindred soul...well rather another one!!.
I am a native Floridian..Pensacola on the panhandle.
Salt water is in my veins, sand between my toes and my cheeks are rosy from sun kissed breezes!
and yes..I do have freckles!
I too painted for years until that darn Arthur Ritis messed up my hands..and made my knuckles hurt when grasping the brushes.. now Painting is done with my favorite dates.. Nikon and Kodak..I never leave home without them..
Your paintings are beautiful.. hope to see more of them on future posts..
enjoy your stay in Panama sister lives there..that is my home away from home...
please keep in touch!
♥ Lou in Denver

Jane said...

Hi Erin!
It's wonderful to meet another kindred spirit. Your paintings are beautiful...Your love of the sea shines through.

I am a Florida native...and live on the Gulf of Mexico...only 4 miles from the beach!!! Although I love the gulf...and the sunsets, I truly come alive when I arrive on Crescent Beach...on the Atlantic, near St Augustine. This is a wide, almost shell-less beach with white, hard-packed sand, perfect for skim boarding and surfing. (I don't do this anymore, but my sons still ride the waves)If you visit my blog, you will see recent photos of my most recent visit (2 weeks ago)...and some of my whimsical wading bird paintings.
I look forward to seeing more of your work...
Please keep in touch...and have a marvelous time in the Panhandle.

Jane (artfully graced)

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh lucky you, sounds divine. Love your paintings and chandelier too :o

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Erin
I love these paintings! you are too clever. I think the first post i saw on your blog was one of your delightful paintings. Hope you have a fab time at the beach. I just won't rub it in that I live a few metres aways from mine.. hehe
Take care.. and HAVE FUN... Julie

Barbara Jacksier said...

Thanks for joining Waterside Wednesday. Your living room looks so serene dresses in whites and blue and your paintings capture nature at its most lovely. Have a great trip.

Drawn to The Sea said...

Your paintings are perfect for that calm, quiet room. Truly lovely work, you must have a place to set up with perfect light.

Enjoy the beach :-)

Sea Angels said...

Beautiful beautiful paintings it shows just how much you love your subject.
Yes gin is made from juniper berrys..I'm flavouring it with sloe berrys it turns it into a delcious liqueur..maybe I should have explained myself better ha .
Have a lovely time painting.
Hugs Lynn xxxx

Carole said...

Have a wonderful time Erin. We are so lucky to live my the water. When I was younger I was a beach baby but it seems now I don't go anymore but I do love to know it's there.
Your living rooms reminds my of Cape Cod and definitely has that beautiful bluey beach look that I love.