Wednesday, September 2, 2009

brenda's pots

recently i stopped at one of my clients homes to do a little "tweaking" as i like to call it...

a little trimming back, a little fertilizing, if needed...

and some picture taking ...

i'm very happy with the urns and pots i planted here this spring.

at the front of the house, are two urns which flank the front door to this large entrance.

scale and color very important here as this is the only "punch" out front.

i'm really pleased with the color combos achieved with just using foliage.

formula for a great planted pot=

something standy-uppy,

something round and fluffy,

and something hangy-downy

the potted plants on the back porch have done very well indeed.........

the owner requested a color combo of purple, peach (hard to find) and white...

i threw in chartreuse to punch it up.


you can see my trimmings laying there.

yes, i really do work, even though the view can not be ignored!

love them tennessee ridges! i do, i do.

i think one reason these pots have been so successful is the "drip line" of water from the irrigation system we had installed (you can see the little tube in the first picture...note to self...hide that thing!).
plants need water.
plants need water.
plants need water.
there...i said it.
something standy-uppy,
something round and fluffy,
and something hang-downy.


Unknown said...

What beautiful flowers..You have a gift!

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh wow just love the flowers, clever you. I slightly challenged in the garden department.

I was laughing so much with your comment I just about split my hot tea! I totally agree, the girl needs to eat!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Beautiful images.
I will take note about the stand uppy, round and fluffy and hang downy [good techincal tips].

Now do you think you could worm your way into this house for another show and tell??

Have a great week. x Julie
[PS I think your dream is fabulous]

James said...

Hi Erin, thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a post! You were right, the look on the face of a surfer speaks volumes! I've really enjoyed your blog as well! Great mix of images, commentary and humor! I especially like your images of trees. I have a soft spot for trees and you've captured them beautifully! I look forward to future posts! Take care.

Sea Angels said...

Ah Thankyou for your lovely visit and kind commentxxx
Your planters are fabulous really fabulous I love them so much they are so opulent and just so flipping healthy wow!!!
Do I wish you lived closer ha ha
Hugs Lynn xxx

MrLee said...

It's nice to see flowers in full bloom. The weather here in Wisc. has been in the 50's and the summer is saying so long! The trees are starting to change, just a little.I know my flowers won't be here much longer so I look forward to seeing yours. Sorry you can't make it to Mexico with us for Linda's bithday.

Carole said...

Erin these are amazing!!!!! The foliage one in the front is exactly what I love. You don't need flowers. It's spectacular!
The color combo on the deck are gorgeous too. I love that setcresea(sp?) it's such a cool plant yet I never sell all that much of it. I think I need to show my customers your pictures!!!
I like the comment about all the watering. It is hard to drill that into peoples heads.
Great job!!!
ps. i had a customer tell me...... you need a thriller, a filler and a spiller! I like your saying better!

ben said...

Love the formula! May I suggest that you add something "squirty-wirty" to the formula. Those drip-lines are spectacular.