Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to C's Garden....

Welcome to C's are some shots from one of my client's courtyard, where I come to work or as I call it "play". Not a bad place to "dig in the dirt". Azaleas, rhodos and honeysuckle are blooming... The Japanese Maple is an intense red right now! I have just planted out the planters by the pool with Majesty Palms, lantana and geraniums. Soon there will be many more things blooming and bedding plants to go in...a labor of love for me.

Espalier (or Belgium Wall) needs a haircut on the top. This takes a ladder for me to reach it.

It has been a gorgeous spring for the azaleas! Perhaps the climbing hydrangea will finally bloom this year? I'm crossing my fingers.

Is'nt she sweet?

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