Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting the Hang of posting...

A wall in my kitchen area, spotlighting two of my paintings.
Geraniums on Ledge

Sea and Sky

Columbine and Dames Rocket are blooming in the backyard woodland garden. It's 90 degrees here today!

This fern "planted" itself here! I could not have planned it better myself. Nature is amazing!!

After 2 years of drought, I'm tired of schlepping the hose to the old veggie garden...I am trying tomatos and basil in pots this year. We'll see how they grow. I might not have enough sun here? I bought the pots for $7 a piece and spray painted them charcoal. The cement pineapple came from a garage sale. I scored two of them for $20!! What a find.

Three views from my favorite, comfy adirondack chair. I spend alot of time here!

This New Dawn rose is covered with buds...can't wait for it to bloom!

Kitten's favorite view. He's an indoor kitty.

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