Wednesday, January 26, 2011

tiffany blue winter...

our winter wonderland continues, with our fourth round of snow.
very unusual for the south.
and yes, i am still lovin it.

recently, i received the "stylish blogger award" from two of my followers.
she was the soul inspiration for this Tiffany blue post, as she is a lover of all things turquoise and her gorgeous blog is a constant source of eye candy and wondrous words!!
you MUST stop by her delicious slice of bloggy and feel the LOVE and PASSION that resides there. you will not be disappointed. i promise.
i am just getting to know Laurie the very first post i ever read of hers was a beautiful prayer for her friend Debbie, who is struggling with cancer right now. i was so struck by her caring and loving words, that i knew i had stumbled across a rare and compassionate soul. someone i really want to get to know.
thank you so much ladies for this award!
o.k...... list 7 interesting things about myself.....
eek, i'll try....
1. i am a visual person. that's obvious, i think, at least i hope. but...... i have trouble with WORDS. trouble coming up with them, writing them, speaking them and recalling them. i often worry whether i have used the right words. i am working on this. i am a work in progress.
2. my kindergarten teacher told my mother that i was an artist. i was an art major in college with an emphasis on jewelry making. i started painting just a few years ago and i have a lot to learn. i have dabbled, like so many artists, to find the right medium. i absolutely am in love with digital photography!
3. my hubby and i met while life guarding together one summer. he stole me away from my high school sweetheart, who i was engaged to. that was an interesting summer. mr. Dan and i will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. he does ALL the cooking...i think i'll keep him.
4. being a stay at home mommy was by far, my best job EVER! my kids are the BEST!
5. i can sing. i was in "glee club" in high school (also, a "cheerio"). my girlfriend and i sang at a few weddings and in the talent show, but i got away from it after i graduated. i sang once in public since, at a big resort in Mexico. i received a standing ovation and people the next day came up to me to tell me how good i was! that was a great time! i miss singing.
6. mr. Dan and i like to use silly accents when we talk and occasionally get into character, borrowing from skits seen on Saturday Night Live, Mad t.v., Monty Python, Austin Powers (you get the picture).........sometimes we will go for days doing this. don't tell any of his golfing buddies about this! ha.
7. and number seven.........i absolutely love, love, LOVE putting together these posts!! i look at them as really FUN art projects. taking the photos and playing with them has become my new PASSION. meeting all of you has been the icing on the cake, for sure......
but, the whole idea of reciprocating comments has me feeling extreme pressure and i am at a loss for words most times (see #1!!) i struggle with this daily and have been having feelings of guilt (guilt feelings is a whole other story, something i have felt my whole life) . so, now you know, what i am struggling with and please bear with me if i don't get back to you in WORDS.........i'd paint you a picture if i could.
so, i will continue to put together some pretty things to look at, hopefully in an up-lifting way and i'll try using some WORDS too. just keep in mind, i'll probably be using a silly accent whilst doing so........
now, i am supposed to pass this award on to 15 other bloggers, but you ALL deserve it! i could never choose. so, please feel free to tell us 7 things about yourself, or 6 or 5.........or whatever you choose. it's kinda fun.
thanks again Anita and Laurie!
big hugs and kisses to you ANITA for the tiffany blue inspiration!


sharon santoni at my french country home said...

very clever tiffany shots, beautiful. Congratulations on your award, well deserved

Drawn to The Sea said...

Erin, you're not alone about words... sentences & paragraphs are a struggle for me, so I just toss out pretty much exactly what I'm thinking & let the chips fall.

I love what you do, exactly as you do it. Please keep doing it, it IS art. Tho these images are cold, they're refreshing to my soul.

KarenB said...

I love, love, love your photos. I'm not sure how you can make nature any better than it already is, but I love the nod toward Tiffany blue. Thanks for the fun " 7 things". I struggle with words too. At least you balance it with gorgeous photography. If you like Monty Python you'll understand why we loved our street name, Elderberry Street. Not for long though. But, the blog will stay the same.


Razmataz said...

Hi Erin. No need to worry about the comments. I find they take a long time. The people I read regularly I think know that I read but don't always comment.

I don;t care about words (although I dod fine you interesting) it;s your art I like to see and your photos.

It's me said...

Hi Erin...what a amazing pictures!!!.......lovely.....happy day love

Anonymous said...

who needs to speak/talk when you talk with pictures?

a man who cooks in character...I can only imagine..we at our house can have whole conversations in rhyme or using movie quotes...gee there again you can just use others really I don't mean to poke fun at you...

I admire you being able to admit to something you see as a frailty to can do it!

Anonymous said...

The snowy iron work looks like a big M for melissa by the way.

Carolyn said...

Hi Erin,
I think you do really well with words! Wow! you can sing and paint too-how come you got all the talent??? I always love to see the beauty you capture and I am so glad you share it.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love the tiffany blue with the white of Winter - so pretty.
You are a very talented person, and thanks for sharing your talents with us. We missed the bullet on this last round of the Winter blast last night, just got a dusting, that was gone before lunch today. :)
If you like toile stop by - I am having a giveaway.
Enjoy your evening.
Did you end up with much damage after all the traffic thru your yard a couple of weeks ago? Hope not.

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots! Especially the first one of the trees and the blue, awesome. Thanks for sharing a little about who you are Erin...good idea for the next post!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love all your stunning photos... particularly the one with the old screen...and the one with the iron gate...but really...I love them all!
Don't worry about the comment can make you crazy! I would rather see another beautiful post of yours than receive a reply to my comment! Take care, Laura :)

June said...

Erin I loved getting to know you better. It's great to meet someone else who has made it through so many years of marraige. Truly a blessing. Yes, being a mom is the best career for sure. Well I won't keep you, you should be out making snow angels or something!

oldgreymare said...

My dear friend,

Your words to me have ALWAYS been genuine, heartfelt and made me happy. You have a fabulous sense of humor and it comes through in your writing and after reading # 6 I don't even want to imagine where else you guys get into character. TMI lol

The care with which you post, the beauty and effort required to take these photos "speaks" volumes without a murmur.

I am happily surprised to learn you sing!

Now banish from my imagination you dressed as an Austin Powers girl singing the theme song while rescuing a drowning swimmer from a nearby frozen lake.... I'm going off the deep end here..I think I'm feverish...


love ya


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

ERIN!!! I am here....I had a long day and night yesterday, but what can I say but that this post is stunning....HOW IN THE WORLD, did you get that delicious turquoise background for the first picture? AND IS THAT YOUR CAT? Did you ENHANCE anything with this fab colour, or did you capture this hue naturally? WOWOWOWOWWWWW I cannot communicate enough enthusiasm over the beauty of each photo..and that sled....I see it! I SEE IT! It will be put to good use on my blog soon! And thank you for the wonderful mention my dear. You are a treasure and it looks like you and your husband share a lot of things in common with US! For the last 29 years of marriage, we have ALWAYS played around with characters and accents and stories. Blogging has allowed us to shape our ideas and we hope to publish one day. Our addition to the home however has kept us both so busy. WOW, you are my favorite photographer!!! BIG HUGS ERIN, Anita

Unknown said...

Hi Erin. Not sure why you had trouble. The page seems to be okay, comments seem to be coming up. Not unless you were posting and I was working on the page? Anyway so sorry!

Scott Law said...

Winter is beautiful, and you have captured it much better than most. These are wonderful.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I just had to come by again. I have been telling tons of people about your art!!!JOYFUL, REFRESHING AND STUNNING IS YOUR WORK!!! Love, Anita

Carole said...

Hi Erin came by the day you post this and got lost in Anita's blog. I had seen her commenting on Julies often enough but never realized that I had seen her over a yr ago if not longer. It was the last image at the bottom of her blog with the pic of the incredible frontage of her home that I went OMG that's her?

anyhoo I have loved getting to know you even better. You have never struck me with having any trouble communicating your feelings. Always leaves me breathless with your well chosen words and photos. You really take it to another level that few others can.
Love ya and you know I completely understand the comment thingy!

ps almost forgot ...I do know Laurie and she is definitely worth taking the time to get to know. Sweet pie just like you!

michelle said...

What a beautiful post Erin, both in photographs of winters Tiffany blue and letting us getting a bit more of a glimpse of you. :) I think that you do so wonderful with words, it is one things that I love about your blog. :) I think that it is the best that you and your hubby do accents together, there is nothing better than laughing and having fun with the one you love! Thank you and Anita and Laurie are so sweet and definitely worth getting to know. :)

Cobalt Violet said...

Yummy photos! Visual? ... yes it's obvious Erin!
#3 is my favorite of all the fabulousness.