Monday, January 10, 2011

the lightness of snow...

we woke up to snow on the ground!!
now, there are many reasons
that i am in love with snow......

and one of them,
is the beautiful light it reflects into the house.

i took over 400 photos today.
a personal record, i believe.
taking advantage of the beautiful
lightness of snow.

i live in a very quiet and peaceful neighborhood on a golf course.
my house nestled at the bottom of a hill.

this is a view of my back deck looking to the right.
all prettied up, with that lightness of snow, that i love so much.

and here is the view looking to the left!
yes, this is one of the best sledding hills around,
and when it snows,
droves of people show up to go sledding and just generally have a good ol time.

and since we are at the bottom of the hill,
and we love to be outside,
and have fun,
we provide a warm campfire all day, and into the night...........
there is just nothing like meeting new and old friends and neighbors around a warm fire.
no thoughts of work or school on this nature holiday.

sitting by the cozy fire,
watching people play and wipe out.
we southerners don't get snow very often and when we do it's.........
in my backyard.
it's midnight, as i write this, and i can still hear people out on the hill.
hardcore teenagers having fun.
we are expecting more snow tomorrow.....
so our snowfest will continue........
as will
i have been very busy in the studio painting this past week, and now SNOWFEST is here,
and i feel like i am getting behind in my blogging duties.
please excuse me if i appear absent.
but i assure you
i am
and i adore ya'll!
really, i do.


Don said...

And we adore you too! Just crazy about your Snowfest shots!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh beautiful erin,

You really know how to capture THE LIGHT. In our new room, we have French doors that allow the light to flood into the room and with the heap of snow that we have, it is breathtaking. I am finally going to get the WHITE LOOK into my house that I have wanted for so long. AND....I so love it when people CELEBRATE winter instead of constantly complain about it.Your community certainly knows how to party up and love the snow...what other choices do we have other than to make beauty???

LOVE IT and I am so glad that your painting is TAKING OFF!!!!


Custom Comforts said...

Erin ~ beautiful pictures, inside and out. So glad your southerners are enjoying your snow. I think it is rubbing off on me since I find I'm enjoying it more and looking at it with new eyes. Maybe it's just because I don't have to walk to class anymore. I also think you've had more snow that we have. We're getting a storm today, so maybe we'll have a snowfest tomorrow. What a nice idea and thing to do for your friends and neighbors. Beautiful post!!!

Rebecca said...

What incredible surroundings you have! And how enthusiastic and generous you are!. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could bottle that kind of community life and sell it for consumption throughout the world?

koralee said...

We got our snow too...isn't it lovely! Rain is coming or way but right now I will enjoy the snow!!!

What a magical time that snowfest must be...reminds me of my childhood hill.

Hugs and love...your images..MAGICAL..your home...BEAUTIFUL! love to you

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Looks the the perfect way to spend a Winter day! I still remember ice skating on Christmas Eve when I was little - we searched the skies for Santa - outdoor events like yours make for wonderful memories!

marĂ­a cecilia said...

Dear Erin, so much beauty and inspiration to start 2011, thanks for this!!!!
So nice of you to light a fire to gather your neighbours around in the wonderful snow fest you have just at your home.
hugs my dear
maria cecilia

Desert Dreaming said...

Eric, just the most stunning, beautiful pictures. The essence of winter that you captured makes me wish I could enjoy the snow once again, but not here in Florida. Though it is cold and snowy, your photographer shows so much warmth and love.

God Bless!


michelle said...

Erin what a beautiful and friendly post! Your pictures are gorgeous with all that wonderful light bouncing around your home, so pretty! What a perfect place to live and how wonderful that you share the warmth of your fire and your heart with so many!! Have a fun snowfest!! :)


Becca said...

The snow fest looks like fun! I adore your "light" photos from the snow. Your home looks so beautiful. I wish now I had more white in my own home. I love the photo with your kitty. Stay warm and enjoy your day!

KarenB said...

I figured you've been busy painting! Can't wait to see what has come from your talented fingers this time. I think the fire for the sledders is AWESOME! What amazing memories you are making for those kids. Do you provide marshmallows too?

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great pictures. I like all the touches of nature you mixed in with your decor.
I bet the sledders enjoyed your fire.

It's me said...

What a beautiful pictures you make your home is so clear now......lovely .......enjoy the snow darling.....have fun !!!

Unknown said...

You are a great photographer1! I loved how you captured the falling snow. Thanks for allowing me a glimpse into your world.

oldgreymare said...

Vision: The sledding hill behind our home, me, about age 6 crying and walking down toward the back porch and crying...with my tongue stuck to my round metal snow flyer. Dared by my brother Scott.... sigh


Fabulous shots- captured the feeling perfectly : D

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! I have to travel, see another country to take several hundred pictures. And you did it right in your own backyard! Amazing photos! Enjoy Snowfest. Best wishes, Tammy

kayce hughes said...

That looks like lots of fun!

Pamela said...

Hi Erin!

I just found your lovely blog through Alaina Arbor house lane and I am so glad i did! Love it!!
I'm a new follower!!
Pamela :)

Heaven's Walk said...

Erin ~ your house just emanates a cozy winter embrace! There is a soft lightness of snow that fills the house in winter that makes for great photos. :) Your home is so very pretty, and I'm just loving your style. I must ask where you got those adorable little birds in your birdcage? Love them!

xoxo laurie

Kerry O'Gorman said...

What fun!! We don't get much snow here either so when we do it's a real joy as well. I agree about the way it brings a certain soft pure light into the lovely. Your house looks as though a snow princess lives there!

Carole said...

Enjoy your snow fest. We are getting more tonight and G is all geared up for you know that means we won't get much.
Your home Erin is just like a greenhouse with all the light. I too love the extra light we are getting at home. Heck its great just to be home!

Donna said...

Beautiful pics and everyone looks like they are having so much fun! The snow does cause a certain glow in our house as well. It is pretty but I am ready for ours to melt now.

The Nightingale Studio said...

Dear Erin,
I too live behind a golf corse here in Hendersonville.I ventured out with my 8 yr.old for some sleding.We stayed on the small hills,our Florida blood in not accustom this cold weather.LOVE your Blog your Photography and Goodwill!!
The Nightingale Studio

June said...

You are so right about the beautiful light that snow casts into our homes Erin. Your pictures are gorgeous! It is awesome that Tennesee saw some snow this Winter! I have almost had enough of the snow already here, but we have three more months of it here in the mountains of Idaho. I will not complain (too much) however. I rely solely on the mountain snows to fill our reserves for irrigation of the garden this Summer.

Blessing to you...and have a great time in the snow!

*❀* said...

i LOVE your blog!!! everything about it! it's a JOY a place of beauty, wonder and delight.