Saturday, December 11, 2010

safe boughs......

i swagged our cozy den with fresh pine garland all around.

blurring the lines a bit.

between inside and outside.

like a little snow bunny waiting for the first falling snow,
i have found a warm spot under the branching arms of a winter evergreen.

embraced by safe boughs.

we are expecting up to one inch of the white stuff tonight!

fingers crossed here.


Donna said...

Beautiful as always! Do I see angel wings above the windows?
We may have snow showers tomorrow too!
Stay warm.

Unknown said...

You are amazing! That's gorgeous! Love the idea of it all around. Photos are priceless. Just stunning
Becky C

Cobalt Violet said...

I hope you get your snow! I guess I am going to need to drive somewhere to get my snow fix! We can see it sometimes on the distant mountains but you know, hollywood and snow don't really go together unless it's the movies! This is so pretty and romantic!

I don't know how to work the music at my sister's so I think I will be using your playlist with my dinner! So thanks! :)

oldgreymare said...

I'm hoping for you too! I know it'll make you so happy.



Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Stay warm inside your cozy nest!

jerilanders said...

Hello, I hear snow is on the way! I am in East Tn, and was supposed to be in Franklin today, but I would rather watch the weather fuss from my kitchen window than my van. Enjoy the snow and your Green Boughs, they are lovely.

It's me said...

Please let it snow!!....especially for you.......!!!! Ria.....xxxxxx.......

Parisbreakfasts said...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

ERIN!!! DID YOU GET YOUR SNOW? WE GOT TONS, and I mean TONS OF IT! The weather people said one more inch and this would have been the largest snow fall in Minnesota HISTORY! We stayed tucked in all day long and it was YUMMY! Oh dearest, thank you for coming and YOU BELIEVE!! WOO HOOO...your name goes into the pot for a chance at a ticket, a wand and a clutch. What else does a girl need to be a princess for a night? But for an eternity, all one needs are the three most precious of these! BIG HUGS AND GO OUT AND MAKE A SNOWMAN!! Anita

Razmataz said...

Your house looks beautiful decorated for Christmas. I love how you use natural things to make it festive!

Anonymous said...

It's lovely, Erin. I always enjoy visiting you. Your photography, art, gardens, home, and words are so beautiful & inspiring. I still haven't figured why you visit me - but I am grateful that you do! :)
Wishing you soft falling snowflakes,

Heaven's Walk said...

Erin - your photos always touch my soul. They are so very beautiful! We're getting a bunch of snow here today along with high winds. It's looking very Christmasy here today! I hope that you get the snow that you're dreaming of....! :)

xoxo laurie

Linda in AZ * said...

* I couldn't sleep, so got up to browse "anything CHRISTMAS"!... YOUR blog really struck me, Erin~ (in the nicest way!)...

.. SIMPLY CHARMING... so few words "wasted", because the pictures (make that LOVELY pictures!) mostly told the stories, and I loved that...

Thank you~~~ I will now sleep well, dreaming of snow (we live in the DESERT, so you can just IMAGINE how much I would LOVVVVE to have snow when awakening!!!)...

Warmest holiday blessings,
Linda in AZ *

Luiza said...

Wow, that´s really beutiful!!!
I love it simple!!!

Hope you didn´t drown in that white stuff ;)!

Thank you , sweet Erin, for always being there for me, it means a lot!!!!

Have a lovely week!


French Hen Farm said...

amazing photography
beautiful blog. just found you. will definitely be back!

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