Wednesday, December 8, 2010

happy holidays!

welcome to my front porch all decked out for the holidays!
using NO money.
i just pulled together things that i already own with treasures from the garden.
this was not hard at all......
i stuffed newspaper down in the artillery basket,
jabbed in some branches and artemesia (the silver foliage),
added fresh greenery, ivy and huge pine cones.
topped it off with a fluffy bow (well, i did spend money on the ribbon last year)
and there you have it.
it's similar to potting up a beautiful planter...
something tall and spikey
something round and fluffy
something hangy downy
isn't that nice of mother nature to provide a natural green and red backdrop.
(nandina and bishops weed)

i pulled my daughter's childhood chalkboard out of the attic
for an instant festive greeting.

wreaths and garland i have had for years...
relocation makes them seem fresh.
i set down those two wreaths, not knowing where i would put them, and then realized they looked fine right there.

a collection of watering cans sits here all year long.
sometimes i put fresh greens in them.

i borrowed one of the watering cans from the porch
and plopped a live branch into a glass vase sleeve (easier to change the water than emptying the whole can), and hung tiny mittens on it.

happy holiday's!
thanks for stopping by!
i know some of you have already had SNOW this year...
i sure wish you would send some of the white stuff my way!


D.B. said...

Erin, this is so beautiful and perfect. Also, I'm usually not a big fan of music on blogs but I always love your selections as I have all those tunes in my "library." Here's to a snowy Tennessee Christmas........there are rumors for fingers are crossed.

KarenB said...

Great use of the chalkboard! Hmmm, I wonder where ours went? Probably sold somewhere in a move. I love your basket. Wish I had that many greens in my garden to use. Do you think Rosemary and Santolina would work? Maybe a southwest version. ;-)

Georgianna said...

Gorgeous, festive and so creative!! Just love it all, Erin! Very classy, too. I am wrapping up a big project and then I get time to play with decorations, too. xo – g

koralee said...

Oh my friend...this is so lovely...your door basket is amazing. Thank you for sharing...we just finished up our outside decorating too.

Hugs for a great evening. xoxoxo

oldgreymare said...

How can you have nandina this red and lush? Mine is feathery and definitely not red. Different varieties?

I want the kind you have. It is gorgeous.

Think the chalkboard is the perfect touch.

Funny, in your pics it looks like it IS snowing ( wink)



It's me said...

Hi Erin......beaitiful post !happy Ria..

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Erin, this is so perfect. Nature is the best CRAFT STORE around!!! ENJOY THIS MOST LOVELY OF SEASONS and your front door is stunning!!! Anita

Rebecca said...

Were I to judge, yours would be "Door of the Year"! Simplicity, color, nature, form & frugality -- what more could I ask?

Razmataz said...

It's all very relaxed and natural. Lovely in it's simplicity.

vintage girl at heart said...

simple and repurposing is the theme here this year also.
we gave our son and his sweet family our big tree lights and all so i am really getting back to basics!
love your porch and blog too.

Heidi said...

I love the using no money idea but it helps to have great things to use in the start....Like you have,a beautiful home!
stop over and enter my giveaway!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Pretty! Well if we get snow here, I will definitely send it your way, cause I don't want snow. :D

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I'm planning a post with a similar theme - simple & inexpensive holiday decor. :)
We haven't had much snow here yet - I'm hoping for a big snow before Christmas!
Wishing you a lovely day, Erin!
~ Zuzu

The Boston Lady said...

Just Beautiful Erin! I had no idea the basket was so big until you did the shot of the whole porch. Just lovely and inspiring. Ann

Unknown said...

You had me at No Money.
Then you had me again, with that French Wine Basket. But you finally got me at the Watering Cans.


LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh Erin....this is wonderful! You did a fantastic job! How beautiful!

Merry Merry!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Erin, thanks sooo much for your help with the camera information, your photos are always just amazing, and I'm so in love with your door and porch! I'd love for you to join in for VIF if you have time!
big hugs,

Desert Dreaming said...

Erin...just beautiful. So homey, warm and inviting. Like a natural Christmas wonderland. Your creative ideas are beyond words.

Happy Holidays!!!


Carolyn said...

Hi Erin,
You DO know how to make everything beautiful!!! I love it all.


Bonnie said...

fabulous idea with the chalkboard and you are completely right. when mother nature decorates, it's hard to go wrong. :) looks beautiful, Erin!

thanks so much for your sweetness, I should have that post up tomorrow for my friday pretties. thanks again!


Don said...

You keep adding wonderfulness to this place. Happy holidays to you to!

Seawashed said...

Your front door is so welcoming...i love it. I also find such beauty in the snowy photos on your sidebar. Your blog is like a peaceful retreat for me. ox` kerrie

PS did you know the snowflakes slow down the viewing and leaving comments? I have found that with every blog that has the snowflakes. They are so pretty though.

Heaven's Walk said...

Erin - I so love visiting your blog! The whole "feel" of it is so homey, rustic, and inviting! I absolutely adore the photo of your little tree in the watering can with the tiny mittens! Sooooo cute! Your front door is certainly worthy of being on a mag cover, and repurposing that chalkboard is such a great idea! :)

xoxo laurie

Theresa said...

Wonderful post :)

Cobalt Violet said...

So beautiful and welcoming Erin!

I fell in love with your snow and now my blog is snowing ... looks like you decided to stop yours ... anyway, I linked to you and your your beautiful blog. Most of my peeps I am sure have been on your blog but just in case! :)

kayce hughes said...

you got your wish!