Wednesday, June 30, 2010

coming out of the closet

take a gander inside my closet.

i'm not much of a clothes horse.

i'm a casual kinda girl.

but i love nice things.

actually, i have two wardrobes.

one for gardening.


one for play and more dress up times.

i love to collect beautiful wear ables in shades of white and cream.

yummy soft sweaters.

intricate crochet and textured tops.


what a delightful old fashioned word.

it means


or whatsis,

or whatchamacallits.

funny how my clothing palette

is the same as the palette i use in

my home.

shades of blues and whites.

i love my well worn Justin boots.

they feel like old friends for my feet.

comfy with or without socks.

isn't this the cutest hand crocheted shawl

with a darling ruffled edge?

sky blue camisole next to some sparkly vintage jewelry in a ceramic flower.

i love wearing blue blouses.

hubby says, it brings out the blue in my eyes.

soft washed linen and cotton

seldom pressed

if ever.
i have better things to do than iron clothes.

my fun crocheted fisherman net scarf over a polka dot blouse.

simple details of tucking

all in a row.

classic design.

fun knotted buttons

sweet tiny turquoise beads

draws my attention.

white cotton blouses

with great textures.

get me going and make me feel so comfy.

a delicate blouse that i treasure.

i can't help but feel special wearing this airy number.

yes, light as air.

glittered with tiny glass beads

and embroidery.

my grandmothers mohair sweater topped with a sweet lavender sachet.

i out grew this sweater long ago but hang on to it for it's beauty and nostalgia.

like i said...i'm not a clothes horse and don't shop for clothes very often. i rarely shop at the mall. i prefer out of the way places. i love to find treasured blouses to wear with jeans or Capri's...and i hang on to these items for a long time. i'm not into labels or designers. i advertise for no one. but i recognize fine natural material, good craftsmanship and quality design.







the closet.

my whole point of this post is to let you know...


i shop


that's right...... every single piece of clothing in the above images

i bought at GOODWILL.

(oh, except my grandmothers sweater, it's just so pretty i had to share it)

and all of those blouses and sweaters...

well, they cost $4.29. each.

the lovely white shawl...$2.99.

ceramic white rose...99 cents.

go ahead and go back and look at all those pretty's hard to believe.

now, i don't shop there all the time, oh maybe two or three times a year.

always, when my girlfriend visits me from's on our agenda.

we call it "OLD MILL" for code.

i am proud to shop there and will share this source when asked. believe me, some people are rather appalled or somewhat surprised.

sometimes i might not find anything.
sometimes i find treasures.
for me, it's easy shopping. all items are sorted by i go right over to the white section and then the blues. no need to try things on...hey, at $4.29 an item if it doesn't fit you bring it back. not for your money back, but as a donation. recycled, again.

it makes me feel good to shop at this thrift store.

it's just one of the small things i do to make a difference. small things add up!

recycling clothes is a really good thing.

it's good for the environment.

it's good for the pocket book.

it creates good jobs for people.

it creates


goodwill's mission...
"help people in need reach their full potential through the power of work."

hubby was inspired to clear out a few things from his closet.

which we will send to the GOODWILL.

funny...when i looked surprised at his large stack of blue jeans, he said, "well, i thought you were going to make a quilt out of the denim?"

i replied, "that was like 15 years ago!"

he said, "well, you told me to save the jeans."

yes. but i told him about 10 years ago "that quilt wasn't going to happen."

kudos to hubby for KINDA listening.

o.k one more shot of this lovely handmade shawl.

i will proudly honor the person who made this, by curling up with it while i watch t.v.

hubby likes the room a little on the cool side for me.


please join sweet Suzan at


to read how other bloggers are trying to



or small

it makes a difference

b.t.w...i did not find my beloved Justin boots at GOODWILL.

but they ARE used and only cost $58! whoo hoo.


A Perfect Gray said...

beautiful piece. and yes, I was shocked at all the wonderful things you'd found there, not that you shop there. I love thrift and vintage and never pass up a chance to stop. not so much for clothes; but now you have inspired me...


KarenB said...

Very impressive! I was surprised. Your clothes are beautiful!

Antique ART Garden said...

I loved this post ! I haven't even bought anything much in about 4-5 years, at least much...I spend more on Art than clothes. And, I would not allow anyone to photograph my mess of a closet , unlike your pristine closet ! Oh ! One more thing, why is it you beautiful blondes with blue eyes , always have someone ( especially hubbys ), tell them wearing blue brings out their eyes !!?? I wear brown all the time and no one has ever said it brings out the brown in my eyes!! never in decades !! Jealous, envious of this whole post, loved it, thanks for sharing MS. Blue eyes !! take care, gotta go clean my closet pronto now, Gina

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Beautiful Erin. You make Goodwill look like an upscale shopping adventure. Have a great day! :) Tammy

Anne Marie said...

Hi Erin! I saw you at Carole's and wanted to come by and say hello!! Your photographs are lovely!!! I love the boot shot-
but more importantly, love this project genesis.

I'm going to check it out further!!
good to 'see you'

marcia said...


It's great to find a kindred spirit..not everyone feels tis way!

happy day!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I found the other day at the local Thrift store the most amazing linen coat, almost new for $12.00...sounds expensive for something in a thrift shop but you should see it...yummy buttery color, pure linen, designer label...what more do I need???

oldgreymare said...

I love you my friend. This post means the world to me, you know that don't you?


Unknown said...

LOVE this post! I was reading along and looking at your pics. thinking how expensive and beautiful everything looked! I go to Goodwill once and a while but looks like I need to visit more often! Love your wardrobe also. Just beautiful!

Carol said...

You have a WAY better Goodwill store than I have! I loved how pretty this post is!

Shellbelle said...

I love Goodwill and so does my 19-year-old granddaughter who is a fashionista for sure. I started taking her there when she was very young and although she does shop at the mall, she hits Goodwill at least once a week.

This is an absolutely wonderful post for Project Genesis! I have to stop and look around some more, because honey, I love that tree hugger photo!

Luiza said...

I adore your closet!!!!!
A D O R E!!!!
It´s simly so beautiful.

And this post , well , it´s really fantastic!!!
Thank you for sharing your lovely clothes.
And thank you for thinking of the environment.

Have a wonderful day!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I have never been inside a Goodwill store - have donated many times over the years and think I should have a look someday soon.
The items you've picked up look like new, gently used perhaps.
Great post to encourage people like me to avoid the malls and look to repurpose.

Carole said...

I became a convert to Good Will a couple of years ago. One day I went in and went nuts. Funny because other trips before I had come up with nothing. You really have some great pieces there missy! I'm a little jealous!
I guess hubby really wanted that denim quilt:))
Great post Erin and gorgeous photos!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Erin
Fabulous post.. and fabulous message... just think of all those clothes in fantastic condition.. and beautiful linen blouses... really.. a bargain and saving the environment.. I know my mum used to buy some of my school clothes from Vinnies... they were still brand new with their tags.. and cost $1. Started me on a life long obsession with Vinnies... not so much clothes.. but worth considering.. xxx Julie

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Great post Erin, you had me there, I was scrolling down thinking "now why is she telling us about her designer wardrobe, for the genesis project?!" and then BING - goodwill. Well done to you, wish we had these in France,

bikim said...

gorgeous! closet and clothes! beautiful colours and wonderful details! romantic! just the way i like! and cheap! that' the way! i'm waiting for our sale season that will be in a couple of weeks to buy some cheaper ones too, although i tend to buy more and more 2nd hand clothes at fleam. it's scary the amount of clothes people through into the garbage! This week also cut detergentes and bleach out of my house. there are some beautiful and cheaper alternatives that are better for the environ.
it's just great to have you on this side too!
happy wk Erin!

Razmataz said...

Erin, I am so intirgued by all of your finds. Gorgeous and wonderful that they came from Goodwill! They all look so lovely the way you have displayed and photographed them. I shop there all the time for furniture, but not really for clothes. Not anymore! Next time I am in there, I will definitley check out the clothing. I am alos in love with those boots. Since I hate socks, they sound like they might work well with bare feet inside. GREAT POST

Anonymous said...

I had a pair of boots just like yours - but they've gone on to boot hill. Nice boots.

And I'm a blue jeans and pretty white blouse kinda girl and shop the Goodwill here a couple times a month (Hubby can't get me to go into a mall - not a pretty site, me kicking and screaming nooooooooooo), but I never find anything as lovely as what you've shared at our Goodwill! Guess I need to go down the mountain and shop the Goodwills in the city. :)

Always a joy to pop by and visit you! Have a lovely weekend, Erin!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Erin! I find so many beautiful things at my thrift stores for home and hearth that I feel no need to buy new. How much nicer to have jeans already softened up, and blouses with the stiff sizing washed out of them! Reusing works to everyone's advantage.

Not only did you make a wonderful point with this post, you did so in a sweet and beautiful way with your lovely photography and gentle narrative. Thank you for a lovely visit...


erin's art and gardens said...

oh my!! blogger seems to have eaten a few of my comments?!?! anna, bonnie and glenda...sorry your lovely comments vanished into thin air.....

p.s. my closet NEVER really looks this clean and tidy. it was all for the post baby.

marthaandbo said...

awesome-these are beautiful pieces you have found Erin...your posts are so inspiring and lovely! thanks fo renriching our days!
WHICH Goodwill, pray tell??
{remember i am your franklin buddy}

Georgianna said...

This is a brilliant and beautiful post, Erin. You're a very good storyteller – keeping the interest up until the end! And you've made me re-look at Goodwill for clothes. I buy props for photo shoots there but usually pass the clothes right by. Very inspiring! Happy 4th and thank you for stopping by my blog. xo – g

Anonymous said...

I'm new to blogging and I just stumbled upon your website today and I love it! The funniest thing about it is I was randomly searching on google for the name of a tree I took a picture of and it brought me to your site and I realized we both live in Franklin, TN! Haha...small world =)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

OMG, I want to shop at YOUR Goodwill! Seriously. I shop at our Sally Ann all the time. I am in there weekly. But stuff in this struggling little town is pretty worn by the time it hits the thrift stores and one NEVER finds anything so cool as what you find at yours. However I do totally love the idea of buying at thrift stores - affordable, and I do find some really cute stuff for babies and little kids there. I haunt the toy section:)

Gail said...

I shop for blouses and tshirts at GW for the same reason - selection, price, environment.
You bought some really lovely items.