Monday, June 21, 2010

sweet, sweet peas

i love sweet peas.
these are the perennial variety.
they don't mind the oppressive heat at all.
not like i mind.
gotta love em for that.

and for their delicate beauty and amazing tendrils.

the heat
unlike these perky little sweet peas,
the gardener
i started a painting over the's nothing at all like i envisioned. funny how the colors have a life of their own and they take me to a new place.........
i want you all to know, how tickled i am, that you take time out of your lives, to stop by my little blog!!
i love you guys.
i do. i do.
at times, it becomes difficult to balance my gardening biz, my art, my blog, my photography and my personal life...
BALANCE is indeed the key.
is everything.


Razmataz said...

Hi Erin, It is a balancing act, but you should know that we appreciate your lovely posts when you have time to do them. Your photos are worth waiting for.

I adore sweat peas, although I have never grown them. I used to have a whole room done is Laura Ashleys Sweat Pea walpaper, balloon curtains, bed linen. I loved it....

Antique ART Garden said...

Wowzee woman ! what spectacular photos , love them, thanks , Gina

KarenB said...

Wow, that bee photo is phenomenal! I also love the seriously upclose and personal sweet peas. Fabulous!

oldgreymare said...

Ah COME ON! the bee photo! Holy buzzin bugs. You can see every hair on his legs.

I for one can never get enough of your photos, or paintings so I'll wait and wait for each one. They are so worth it.

So balance away, we'll all still be here. : }


Catherine said...

I would gladly share some of my rain with you if you would send some sun and heat my way! :) Your garden is beautiful ~ mine is rain soaked.

Have a Happy Week!

Luiza said...

Yes, Erin, make sure you keep the balance, we all have too...

I´m glad you are here, taking time , posting...
Your posts are always filled with beauty and wonderful words. Take a pause, to balance, but don´t stop comming in here posting.
I would miss you.

Wish you a lovely week.


koralee said...

I so agree...balancing everything is hard to do...I try to do only the things that make me happy{sometimes everyday life stuff does get in the way] Sweet pea watching would make me very happy..i love these flowers. Your images always delight. Enjoy your art...can't wait to see your painting. xoxoxo

bikim said...

So pretty Erin! They are soooooo delicate!
happy day,

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't miss visiting your blog for the world, Erin. Have a happy, sweet-pea kinda day. Z.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great photos! I should have gone to the store early this morning before it got so hot. 9:35 and already 90.
Stay cool!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Always so much loveliness and inspiration over here, in your gorgeous little corner of the world, Erin. Cannot wait for the sweet peas to pop in my garden too. Would love to make this kind of fantastic pictures of the lovelies. Sure already I will not succeed...
Sending sweet shiny sparkly Summer sprinkles your way for a wonderful gardenTuesday! xx

birdie blue said...

Your sweet peas are drop dead beautiful!
Thank you for sharing such lovely pics.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Erin...
Well Balance is a four letter word for me.. my lifelong mission.. still working on it!! haha

Love the sweetpeas.. they were my dad's favourites.. and I think I love the tendrels as much as I love the flower!! that photo with the ball jar is just gorgeous!!! Have a great week... [sorry I am so slow to visit.. I'm such a slow blogger these days] xxx Julie

Carole said...

I find myself saying that all the time...balance, balance....mostly when I'm frustrated about my life...and where the time goes. I think it's something us women struggle with more then men.

Love sweet peas...I used to have some wild one growing in our old house....such a sweet old fashioned look about them.

Oh btw thanks for the order sweety.
stay cool

Cobalt Violet said...

Beautiful images! Sweet peas remind of being a kid. I planted a few little seeds when I was about 8 and it was like magic! It seemed to happen all of the sudden ... hundreds of pink sweet peas!