Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bellemeade Plantation Continued...

let's revisit Bellemeade Plantation...this time in black and white.

the brides walkway bordered by boxwood hedges, white angelonia, lambsears and vinca, also in white. the plantation home as the backdrop.

guests will congregate near this lovely urn.

the reception will be in and around the carriage house.

huge wooden doors slide open to reveal the live band and dance floor.

let's get this party started.

gifts will spill out of one of the carriages.

tables and a bar will be in this area. italian string lights strung about.

love how this shot turned out.

if the weather doesn't cooperate, the wedding can easily be moved to the stable area.

not just any stable. but an antique paneled beauty of a stable. this was indeed a working horse farm and many thoroughbred horses were bred here.

there is much evidence of hard work here.

old fences made of fieldstone frame and divide the farm.

fences built by slaves. it's part of the history here.

the bar area will be under a huge old magnolia tree.
little jars with candles inside will hang from its branches for a dappled glow.

what tales these roots could tell.

the plantation is spattered with humble outbuildings. where the true work of the farm happened.

this building will soon be open for wine tasting.

what a fabulous place for katie and dan to start there life together.

i'll be sharing my contributions to this party soon........

please join anne marie, over at

for more black and white fun.

and have a scrumptious sunday.


Anne Marie said...

ERIN! oh good heavens...........I'm like in dreamland over here.........seriously.........that post was divine....and truly a dream of mine!!!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Hauntingly so beautiful!
Love the stone wall...I hope to have it in my garden one day! Lovely Sunday~

Carole said...

Yes the stories those roots could tell says it all. I could almost imagine seeing a women in 18th c. clothing waltzing thru the corridors or strolling thru the gardens.
I love the image of the porch and the angle you took it in. You have a great eye for B&W photography.
Thank you so much for sharing this magnificent place with us.

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh gosh, so many beautiful photos. I love the angle of #3. So much history, great post Erin.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Erin
WOW .. gorgeous photos. Certainly is dreamland here. What a beautiful place for a wedding. Thanks for showing us more of this wonderful estate. I just love your 'carriage house' shot!! Beautiful post. Have a great week and I will be back next Sunday!! x Julie