Tuesday, December 24, 2013

from my home, to yours.....

from my "letters from grandpa" series of encaustic pieces.

part of a sweet letter from my grandpa,

"I suppose excitement is running high at your house.
 Christmas with two bright energetic children.
What fun.
 Lots of work for mom and dad-
 that makes family life interesting and adds deep meaning to living."

from my home
to yours,





oldgreymare said...

merry merry my friend - gorgeous photos

Glenda/MidSouth said...

A Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Sandra Gardener said...

Merry Christmas Erin ! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday!

Unknown said...

such beautiful sentiments. how special. joyeux noel!

It's me said...

May the spirit of Christmas bring us
love, hope and peace!....love you !!!..thanks for your friendship !!!....xxx !!

michele said...

oh how lovely! we have so much in common, erin. i want to try encaustic in 2014! and on the wall above my kitchen sink window is painted LOVE LIVES HERE. ha!

wishing you a blessed holiday.


Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Merry Christmas, Erin. Love your grandfather's words. This Christmas morning, I am thinking about all those Christmases with little ones... they did add great meaning to life! My fingers are crossed that soon there will be pics from my children of their children at Christmas. How very grateful we are.
Hope you all have a wonder-filled day!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Erin - such a lovely post...hope your Christmas was wonderful. So looking forward to many more visits in the new and upcoming year. God Bless!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Happy holidays erin! I've been out of state and I'm on my way back home as I type. Your home is gorgeous! Anita

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh, that letter from your grandpa is just precious, Erin! So full of love and joy for your family! Love how you incorporated it onto that photo. :) I hope that your Christmas was full of that same love, sweetie! And prayers that your new year is blessed with abundant joy and peace! ♥

xoxo laurie

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Erin,
You have created a Christmas wonder in your home.. I just love what you have done.

I hope your Christmas was full of joy. Wishing you the best in the new year.
Thank you so much for visiting and kind thoughts.

Cindy said...

Hey Erin,

Just now catching up on blogposts... i can't believe how much amazingness i've missed here. I love your idea of letters from your grandpa... you are so freakin talented in every way!