Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"hi friend!"

string art that i created for one of my besties for christmas.
now that was a fun project for a super fun friend!

"hi friend!"

~my latest painting~
inspired by another bestie...

~my winter palette~
having so much fun with textures and the addition of lil hydrangea petals...

~fairy lights in my studio~

~i love painting angel wings~


not sure this piece is finished?
working on it...

but i am totally digging the heavy textures and the dimension it gives...

does the image seem familiar?  inspired by my friend anna and the photos we took one snowy winters day at the park...i shared some of those photos over christmas.

this painting ....yep, inspired by her too and her messy bun and the tilt of her head.

do you have friends in your life that inspire you?
i am
so lucky to have a few.....
another one of my besties (friends for over twenty years) and i power walked over 6 miles through the woods this weekend.
she is one of the best moms i know.
her motto is "keep movin"
she inspires me!

i can't wait to create more of these little mixed media pieces.....so fun!!

my friends!

i am over the moon excited...
i just booked a trip to chicago to see this 
gorgeous friend anna!  friends for over 30 years!
  hi friend!

perhaps we will catch snow flakes on our tongues and have magical walks through the snow.... for sure we will giggle a lot and talk a lot and have a big ol' time....and i will come home inspired and refreshed and love her even more.

hi anna.
hi friend.


p.s.   making art takes time... photography takes time...gardening....power walking...a happy marriage and dear friendships they all take time too....i struggle with balancing all of those things with sitting in front of the computer...let's face it...being on-line can turn into a total time suck!
been there!

i just want to gently encourage you, to try spending some quality time away from the computer...go take a walk out in the fresh air...even if it is around the block...take yourself on a fieldtrip...visit your library or an art gallery....it's free....i do it all the time....go into the city OR out in the country...change things up a bit....you will feel refreshed and alive!
don't get me wrong...i love my blog, your blogs too....i find tons of inspiration on-line and spend lots of time processing my photos on the computer (i call it "playing" with my photos).....my computer is an important tool and i love being connected...it has changed my life....
....but please know, that if i seem absent or don't post regularly or don't come round to comment at your blog or reply to your e-mail....
 i just might be off striving for that


Debra said...

I'm a new follower-a little shy about leaving a comment-but I just had too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that painting of your friend's hair-it is so beautiful!!!!!!

I'm going to take your advice and push my chair away from the computer more often.

anna Marie said...

and anna is inspired my you...what an amazing tribute! how DID you know how much i needed you this week?
lu more than you can imagine...wait, yes you can!

jerilanders said...

Erin, Totally understand about the "Tme sucking" computer. There is so much more to be doing! In fact, today is a beautiful day to mess about in the yard, 62 degrees! The painting of your friend with the bun is gorgeous! You are talented in many ways and I am sure that YOU are a great friend to many!

the old white house said...

Hello Erin! I love coming here for a bit of inspiration... I love the angel wings, everything is really beautiful. Your talents never cease to amaze me! striving for balance myself, thanks for the dose of inspiration for the day! love, t.xoxox

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You have been busy with such pretty results. Enjoy your time with your friend. I know what you are saying about less time in front of the computer - I am trying to do the same.

oldgreymare said...

I love hearing the joy in your words.
I just added the BWO link to my sidebar because she explained quite well, as you just did how I have been feeling...
blogging should be pleasure for so many of us, not business, so why do it if we're not joyous?

love all of your art, girlfriend, you know I do <3

Carole said...

I think as bloggers we all struggle with balance....so we get YOU! on this. It's hard when you want more hours in the day to connect with those you love to come visit. Like my non blogging friend said to me recently why would I start a blog? what? I need to sleep less?
Your art is mind blowingly gorgeous!
Have fun eating snow. I haven't eaten any this year but the next snow storm I am going to for sure and will think of you.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Erin - I do hear you loud and clear - the computer can be like t.v. too much entertainment and it robs you of your creative spirit. It is definitely hard to balance - looks like you are doing a great job. Love your painting of your friend. Hope you have a great time together. God Bless.

Sea Witch said...

Your angel wings are lovely.

Deb said...

balance was my word for 2013 :-)your paintings are beyond gorgeous Erin ♥ One looks just like my daughter {with the long auburn hair} xo
hope you are having a wonderful wednesday.

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh Erin....I continue to be totally amazed by your talent, girlie! That painting of Anna and the tree is just magical! I felt transported right into it as I looked at it. :) Your mixed media paintings are so unique, so comforting...so incredible!! I know that your friends must feel very blessed by the friendship they share with you. I know I do! ♥

xoxo laurie

KarenB said...

Ooooh, I love the new direction your painting is going! Beautiful picture of Anna, and the textures are so lovely! I agree with balance. Why is it so hard sometimes? Hugs to you. Have fun with your BFF!


Cindy said...

Oh My Gosh! You are insanely talented... and that painting IS finished! I love it, it's amazing! So is the painting of your friend, with her bun, and the mixed media flowers with the blossoms, and the wings... i'm dying looking at your images and your studio. I would sooooo buy your art... it's just perfectly beautiful. I want to be more creative and do stuff like that too. And... you are so right on target talking about being out in real life more... i'm totally feeling ya on that one...


Georgianna said...

You are so wise, my dear, and so right! How can we be inspired to create our vision of the world if we are not involved in it?

I love all your paintings, all your photos. I still have a blank wall here waiting. :)

Have a marvelous trip.


Unknown said...

oh my word...if I could only paint...those angel wings are breathtaking...