Tuesday, January 15, 2013


my word for the year!
cuz.... life is too serious and amazeballs is fun and playful and just cracks me up when i hear it...you can use it instead of the word amazing, get it?....can't even remember where i heard this made-up word...but i like it....and i want to use it...
that is me in the picture above...taken a few years ago...by one of my besties, at chicago botanical gardens.
quite an amazeballs poinsettia ball , don't ya think?

before christmas, i won a give away at my friend penny's blog angelsdoor and look what i won!  penny hand sculpted this darling wee mouse that she named Bei....sent all the way from california...napping in this cute lil cardinal cup.
thank you penny!!
here is Bei nestled in a birds nest for a long winters nap...
penny is an amazeballs artist and sculptor and an extremely supportive and dear friend....please check out her amazeballs bloggy  here.
and... check out this amazeballin cuff!!
my dear friend karen @ elderberry street blog, hand made this beauty and i hear she will be having a giveaway soon since she reached her 200th follower!
i am hoping this cuff might be the prize...wink.
whatever the prize, i am sure it will be amazeball-ish...as karen has exquisite taste...please go visit her bloggy here.
 the weather here in tennessee has been awfully dreary and it is sleeting right now...i am trying to get my butt in gear to create some art, but sometimes it is hard to just start...we shall see where this day goes.
hope your day is amazeballs!


p.s....thank you all so much for all of the super amazeballs comments you left on my last post....
dealing with pain is a challenge and your support really helps....♥

p.s.s.   and a big happy birthday to my amazeballiner handsome hubby...
i love you mr. dan!!!


oldgreymare said...

simply amazeballish!
love that mousie...damn amazeballing

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Bei is so cute! Congratulations on winning. I know what you mean about getting in gear - I need to do the same. This weather is not helping my motivation.
Freezing rain here, and looks like headed your way. Sorry.:/

michele said...

i was feeling less than amazeballish when i clicked over here and suddenly the mood is lifting...hiliarious!

smiles to you.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Amazeballs! I love it Erin... and I love the photo of you.. You are such a sweetheart. How very kind of you to post little Bei here... Oh she looks so rested... I know she is happy at home with you.. How very kind of you to let her use your birds nest for a long winter's nap...

Thank you so much for your most thoughtful words about my Angel relief.. I usually do one a year, around Christmas.. You will find the past reliefs on my sidebar.

I can't tell you how much peace and joy your paintings bring to me.. No matter what the subject, they bring such a sense of calm and beauty.
Thank you for that.

KarenB said...

What a nice compliment, dear Erin. I caught the hint. Hee hee, you'll have to wait until the 19th. I do need to write a post about my crazy fun weekend. The little Bei mouse is so adorable. Looks like he's found a good home. Hope your weather is AMAZEBALLS tomorrow.

Tammy said...

Oh wow! That little mouse is incredible. Looks like a real little critter. So cute! And that cuff is definitely amazeball! As is that honkin poinsettia ball. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Erin - I think you found the perfect word for the year. Happy birthday to your hubby too. Looks like you were given some lovely gifts. I want to check out those wonderful blogspots now. Have a great day.

Cindy said...

I am completely totally in love with your little Bei... omg
and i LOVE your new word! I have a new word, but it's xrated, it came to me one day when something crazy happened, and i just said it "holy f---beans! Now it's my new favorite amaziballs word!


Romeo said...

MOL - love the word, love the nonsensical! Wow! Wonder is maybe I could use that as my middle name?!?!


Romeo Amazeballs Ferocious

um, maybe not...but I will find a million other times I can use this word!!!!

P.S. We live in TN too and yes, that weather was miserable. Kept me inside and I can't deal with that very long ;)

the old white house said...

Amazeballs...it fits so well with your amazeballin talents! I can't wait to see what you create in 2013... it will be full of amazeballs for sure! I hope that you are well and that today is full of amazeballin good things! Love your new word and your beautiful decorations from the last post. I don't think I could take them down, they are so peaceful and beautiful! love,t.xoxoxo

Cobalt Violet said...

Very cute- I collected mice as a little girl (as well as having a pet mouse). I too appreciate amaze balls as a wonderfully descriptive adjective! Makes me smile!