Thursday, November 8, 2012 full.

it's november!
 and my thoughts have turned to putting the gardens to bed and nesting and to holiday decorating....i usually decorate the house, of one of my client's, starting before thanksgiving...which means next week...but this year, she wants me to start decorating after 10,000 square fee, it is a big, having a few weeks off, well i almost don't know what to do with myself?  almost.

 november is a month to be thankful...yes of course....and to start nesting.....i decided to rearrange a few things in my own sun room....and removed almost all color except for whites and winter whites... a blank canvas for christmas decorating....with so many visual things that go on in my life (gardening, photography, art and such)  this neutral blank canvas is totally calming and inviting to me.
easy on the eyes.

i am so thankful for every piece in this room... and as i look around, i realize every single thing in here has lived another life....from the furniture to the curtains (curtain rods too, they used to be garden stakes)...the blankets and pillows...

mccoy pots
gene the snowgoose

garden trellis'
re purposed cabinets

even the chandy

everything had a previous life.
and owner.

and soul.

and story.

november is a time to give thanks...yes.
and i am so very thankful, for this room and this sheltering nest and the comfort it gives me and for all of the interesting things that are in it.
but these are just things....
and i can easily do without them.
i could never
do without the people in my life.
my family and friends...of course...goes without saying...
you bloggy followers of mine
you blow me away!

and i am so thankful for y'all!  you come here... out of your busy day and leave me the nicest, most encouraging comments and some of you keep coming back...even when i am so late with getting back to you....and maybe don't get back to you at all...i am guilty of that for sure....but it is y'all...YOU....who have made it possible for little ol me to come out of her artistic shell and show her stuff and feel good about it...and comfortable... YOU have made me comfy cozy, i tell ya....and i feel you and i am full....and now i am starting to sell my art and let it out into the world....and YOU...y'all have been there with your kind words and inspiring reassurance....after  300+ posts and 5200+ comments left by you lovely bloggy followers, only 1 negative comment has been left...and that one negative comment was, "erin, your paintings, really?"  and the answer is YES, anne marie MY paintings, REALLY....even that one comment has helped me... you have made me push myself and better myself into something that i did not even know i could be....perhaps i knew...but had reminded me...

and i
thank you



oldgreymare said...

sweet girl you GIVE as good as you get.
you deserve it all my friend
Much love

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Erin - It is always such a wonderful place to come visit - you are the blessing. Your art is so beautiful and you are for certain a very talented woman. I love your decorating. I too am ready to do some nesting. Thanks for always inspiring me. Have a blessed day.

Donna said...

I know you are going to make me happy each time I visit! I love seeing everything you paint, grow or create. Your art is gorgeous! You are so talented in all that you do.
You have blessed me so much and I am proud to call you my friend :)
I love the sunroom and all the whites.

Cindy said...

I think i'm in love with your house and your decorating style, and i KNOW i'm in love with your goose! And... your paintings?, Ya damn right!!!


June said...

Oh I think I am in love with your pre-loved furnishings Erin. I feel the same way about the whites and neutrals in my home. I think it is because of the riot of color outside in the garden that makes me crave a neutral palette. But in winter when all is white outside, I crank up the color in the house a bit.
This post is so inspiring and lovely.
sending hugs...

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Blogging - it can be very satisfying.

The rooms - they are beautiful and elegant. (But I wouldn't like to be charged with keeping them clean!)

Don said...

Your paintings, really good. And your photos. And your home. And your garden. And... that's what I think.

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh have the sweetest spirit and kindest soul. And I would love to own one of your beautiful paintings some day! I love what you've done with your living room. It's so peaceful and serene. It's going to look very JDA when you add your Christmas treasures in there. :)

xoxo laurie

Carole said...

I am very thankful for you my dear friend...though these days there is little time for blogging and visiting. If it wasn't for AM we would never have met but I think she never meant it in a "bad" way. Just saying:)
Your home is like a bit of heaven on earth.

jerilanders said...

ERIN! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT GOOSE!!! I want one!! I nearly purchased a taxidermy fox at an antique show a few weeks back, but that goose is sensational. I love your use of white. I don't do it in my house, I am color, everywhere, but I love the way you put it all together, you are quite a divine designer.

Becca said...

Always such beauty and light here. Thank you Erin for the inspiration you give me. Blessings to you.

marie grady palcic said...

i never leave your post uninspired. i believe you brought my art back to life and can't thank you enough. and your paintings? freaking perfect.