Sunday, February 19, 2012

our first real snowfall!

it snowed today!!
yippie skippie!
as we watched the rain turn into big fat snowflakes...
my excitement began to build...
and when the snow began to stick to the ground,
well, i knew we were goin on a little field trip!

mr. dan and i threw on some clothes,
skipped brushing our teeth...ew...
and headed for our favorite country road for a few photos
 (make that a few hundred)

i have been anxiously awaiting this first snowfall all winter.

i was as giddy as a young school girl.
(try that sentence with a german is much funnier)

i love snow!

the snow was soooo wet i had to carry an umbrella to keep my camera from getting wet.
i finally understand why someone invented those stupid looking hats with the umbrella would have come in handy.

as we returned back to the old homestead...
this is my house with snow on the roof....
it was still coming down,
 in big wet flakes...

some of them even look like little white hearts!
do you see the hearts?

snow covered angels and floating white hearts falling from the sky...
a little piece of

a couple of hours later the snow was completely gone
 and then mr. sunshine even came out.
i am so glad we rushed out to take pictures when we did!
p.s.  i know how to add a snow effect in photoshop but did not use it on any of these photos...nature took care of that for me.

have a good week!

this is my first attempt at the new google way of new (to me, anyway) that i can not even recall the name for it!  anyhoo, i hope i did it right...learning something new is good for us, right?

i have also installed the new linky followers button on my sidebar...i have been reading all sorts of rumors ("rumor has it", i love that song by adele) about google discontinuing the google friend connect button as of march 1st....i hope this does not happen as i love my followers and i don't want to loose a single one of you!!  you can sign up to follow me in the new linky follower gadget if you care too....i am a little confused by the whole darn thing, but feel sure it will work itself out....fingers crossed here.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I was wondering if or how much snow that area got. Nice photos - thanks for sharing.
The tiny blue print is hard to read. I think if your blog is thru, the GFC will still work. If I understand it correctly, those that use wordpress, typepad, etc. will not have it any more.

oldgreymare said...

I will always be here to follow you come rain, sun and even snow. <3

the old white house said...

I just love watching the snow fall, it just makes everything so pure, glittery and beautiful! I could see the hearts, what a great photo! Your idea for taking the frame to the beach was fabulous! The pics are fabulous! t.xoxo

Donna said...

So beautiful! I am jealous! Your pictures made me feel as if I was walking along with you and the mr.!
The hearts and the angels really touched my heart :)
Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

Cindy said...

It snowed here tonite in North Carolina too! Very exciting!
and i just "followed" you on the linky thing, and even though i find this whole thing with google friend connect annoying as crap, i sure don't want to miss any of your posts!


Georgianna said...

LIke a dream, Erin! Thank you so much for braving the weather to bring back these beautiful, magical images. Love the heart flake! :)

xo – g

Becca said...

I just love your snow photos Erin!
I just can't seem to keep up with all the changes that Google is talking about...I don't want to lose anything either, but don't really "get" what we are supposed to do!

It's me said...

Beautiful pictures.......loev them !!..please tell me if i will follow you by linky...i must put my i get your new post in mail than ??? form me

Cat-arzyna said...

I love snow too, but in England the problem is with supplies these goods .
Beautiful pictures !
Have a good day !

YONKS said...

"Giddy as a schoolgirl"! I would be the same if it snowed. I love the sepia look you have given the photos. Enjoy your snow :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest, YOUR HOME IS FABULOUS! THE SNOW, magnificent! WE HERE HAVE HAD NONE! Oh, maybe a dusting, but like in your case, it melts!!! What is up with this winter?

OOOOOOO I AM WORRIED ABOUT THE NEW GOOGLE TYPE OF BLOGGING! Just when I am getting a large number of followers, will they all now disappear???? I have no idea what to do!

OH WELL.....Anita

michelle said...

Such beautiful photos Erin. I love when the snow flakes are big like that and cover everything in such a way that enhances their beauty.
Thank you for sharing.

flowersandhome said...

Lovely pictures!!! Snow falling in heartshaped flakes, so beautiful. I love snow too, but we had a first springlike day today and I loved it just as much.
Btw, you have a dreamhome, well, the home from my dreams anyway, outside and inside.

Renee Howell said...

Beautiful! Scrolling down your photos, just as I wondered "what about your camera with all that snow?" you posted that you used your umbrella. Clever girl! And love the thought of you wandering about, in the snow, with a big 'ol umbrella. My mind is picturing a big black umbrella...

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Beautiful photos, Erin! We had a lovely snowfall like that on Saturday, but it started late, and was gone by the time we got home from church. Only got a few shots with my iPhone. Good for you for getting out there and "capturing" those flakes!!! Your house is charming!

Olive said...

Your snow is lovely and I follow you on Linky. I am simply awful with new technology but I try:-}

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Snowfalls like the one you photographed always bring tears to my eyes. There's nothing that can compare to that white magic! I'm glad you got out in time to enjoy it before it was gone.

Heaven's Walk said...

lol! You sounded sooooo stinkin' happy in your post, Erin! I'm thrilled that you finally got the snow that you've been pining for!! I would'ave gladly sent you some of ours....but it's been almost non-existent this winter! We're loving THAT! lol! Your photos were just beautiful. It IS pretty when the flakes are big and wet and floaty! Your house is gorgeous, too, girl! :)

xoxo laurie

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful images, Erin! Glad you had fun in it. We have snow for 8 months here... but I never tire of how very beautiful it is! :)

Nella Miller said...

Hi Erin, so glad to be here, this soft and lovely world of yours...found you through Z , my smile and laughter when I visit her. I think your quotes on your side bar at so beautiful and I can relate to them immensely! I live in Canada and snow is a thing of beauty for me too....N.xo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

76 DEGREES??????? WOOOOOOO IT IS TIME TO PLAY! We are not quite there yet, but it is warmer than usual! YEAH FOR SPRING!!!! Thank you Erin for visiting; it is always a pleasure to see you! Anita

erin's art and gardens said...

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Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Erin
This is my second attempt to leave you a note.. Hope it goes through.
This post just makes my heart stand still. Absolutely beautiful!
Everything about you and around you says calm, soft and so beautiful.. I just adore your paintings, your choice of subtle colors. I always feel a sense of peace when viewing.
I wanted to thank you for your most welcome visit and such encouraging words about Jemima... I am truly touched. Thank you so much.
Enjoy your week
Blessings, Penny