Thursday, July 28, 2011

welcome to my newish dining room......


in the last week,

i have painted....

a chair, a library table, a dining room table, two more chairs and a bench......loving the results of that project , i then painted my dining room walls.....which lead to painting my entry and hallway walls.......which lead to painting my kitchen and eat-in area walls!!

oh .......and a few days before all this activity, i managed to paint two paintings, inspired by a blogging friends trip to Giverney, France (i'll share those paintings soon...if i am brave that is)


i learned a long time ago not to question where these spurts of creative energy come from.

but to

just go with it.

so, i recently found a nearby shop that sells

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. i had read about it all over blog land.

see that little chair against the wall?

that was my first victim at using this paint.

the painting above the chair is one of mine.....

i tend to paint moody-sepia toned landscapes on rainy days.

i sure do wish it would rain again soon.....

i am so over this this oppressive heat and humidity.

anyway, this chair has the perfect crackling on it, that only age and exposure can create.
i brushed "old white" chalk paint on it (even on the old leather seat) and then wiped some off.

here is the before.



then i painted this library table using "Paris Gray" chalk paint.

did you know, that the word gray can be spelled with either an a or an e?

it's true.

i looked it up.

i did some distressing to reveal the inlayed top.

i hit the terra cotta dutch shoes with the "old white" paint too.

next, i tackled the harvest table, two chairs and bench.

this set is from my childhood in the 1960's.....

boy, will my mom be surprised to see what i did to them.

the table top and chairs are mostly "old white", while the bench and trestle i painted "paris gray".

here's the "before".


no wonder we never use this room.

so much better!!

light and bright.

it's hard to tell from the photos, but the wall paint went much lighter too.

lovin the "linen white" shade from Behr!

another "before" shot.

miss swan is so much happier.

the chair now.

and then.

so the beauty of the chalk paint is...

no sanding.

no priming.

but to get an aged look, there are lots of layers, including two layers of wax.

a clear and then a dark wax.

gotta tell ya...i did not like the waxing.

i do like the white textured vinyl that i covered the seats with though...$3 for half a bolt...yard sales are cool.

i used "old white"

then "paris gray" in the cracks and crevices, for depth.

then clear wax.

then dark wax, which you have to rub off.

then more "old white".

then more wax.

lots of steps,

but the effect is pretty good.

i used a watered down "old white" on the table, so the grain of the wood shows through.

the dark side board and one corner hutch remain dark for now...they came from hubby's family and he (hubby) asked that i leave them alone least for now..... they rather balance out the dark floors though.

i did tack (as in thumb tacks) old grain sacks to the backs of the windows to lighten and declutter the look.

o.k that's all for now.

i am exhausted and my wrists are tired....not sure why my wrists? but,

i feel great that all the painting is done....every wall needed two coats...oy...

but i am abso-tootly lovin the changes....and the house seems fresher and lighter and brighter...

and so do i.

i am joining these parties to show off my dining room.

thanks so much for stopping by and taking time out in your busy lives to visit me.

your lovely comments mean the world to me.

howdy to my new followers...and a special shout out to Carla!! who left me a comment....she is someone i new as a child and has found my blog through our parents!

my blog is such a wonderful safe place for me to share a little bit of myself.

and i like that very much.




nn i was painting my walls, i was reminded of the fact, that ALL of the walls still have their original wallpaper underneath....YES, you can paint over wallpaper...just make sure you use an oil primer first.

also, the two corner white hutches cost $25 (for both!) ...crackled green chair was $5....and all other furniture came from our families........the carved swan is probably the most expensive thing in the room! i think it was $50 from the nashville flea market.

cheap is good.


Unknown said...

(visiting from v.i.f.)
your room doesn't even remotely look the same!!
it * is * beau-ti-ful!!!

~adore swanee:)
xo, Rosemary

Sarah said...

You should arrange rooms for magazines. This is beautiful! It looks so serene and fresh!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

FANTASTIC! I love your painting too, it caught my eye right off. I'm glad you left your DH's family funrniture as is, it is lovely wood, and painting it would take away that wonderful charm of the wood.


LuLu Kellogg said...

Erin! This needs to be in a magazine! Everything looks absolutely beautiful! Bravo!


Tricia said...

Wowza, woman! You've been busy! What a beautiful room, you've totally transformed it. I love the light look :)

xo Tricia

Carolyn said...

I love what you did to the room -lovely and bright!
That chalk paint has such a nice look.


Debra@CommonGround said...

I just clicked on your post from my sidebar, the whole time I'm reading this I'm thinking, Oh Erin, I hope i can talk you into linking up with VIF! Ha ha, loved seeing that you had planned to, anyway. You KNOW how I'm lovin' all this gorgeousness! It's all dreamy and cloud floaty! And i adore your horsey painting, this room looks like it came out of a magazine!
xoxo Debra

The Nightingale Studio said...

Breathtaking!!! Your room looks beautiful. I know it was hard work,
but so worth it!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh erin,

I AM IMPRESSED with your

transforming POWERS
before and after pictures

WOWOOOWWW!!!! I LOVE WHAT YOU DID! You are the second person this week that has mentioned this chalk paint. I gotta go at least look at it since I have painted practically EVERYTHING in my house!!!

Lovely job dearest, Anita

Seawashed said...

I absolutely love it!!!!! What a difference all the white makes. And I love that linen white color on the walls. Gorgeousness. I think the sidebar that has remained dark wood helps balance the room. Your paintings are so beautiful. YOur home is even more peaceful now. ox Kerrie

I did know that about 'grey' and I prefer it with the e
'e'. Probably because it seams more french to me with an 'e'.

oldgreymare said...

WOW! Erin sweetie, it is simply gorgeous. I'm sure you'll be in there much more often now and that feeling of sitting back to survey our labors...well, that sigh of contentment is grand isn't it?

Pat yourself on the back a few times- you've earned it.

and yes..
grey is just fine with an E lol
the old grEy mare

Carole said...

Erin its gorgeous! I was blown away by the first photo. You know when you went back to show your hubbys sideboard I thought you had already painted it and thought it looked really good as is so you are right it balances the room great left alone. I've been wondering about that paint maybe I'll have to give it a go especially if you don't have to prime.

ps btw unbelievable painting!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I have been contemplating painting our DARK dining room and after seeing yours, I know that is the way to go. Beautiful transformation! AND your "moody" art is the perfect contrast to the chair beneath.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Just found your blog from Miss Mustard Seed - love what you have accomplished, tremendous.

Maxabella said...

It's beautiful. What a great achievement. x

JC said...

Hi, stopping in from Miss Mustard Seeds!
Wow, your really did an amazing job! You're right, all your painting made the room look so wonderfully bright!
I haven't tried chalk paint yet, but your detailed post is actually making me think I need to get on the band wagon. Are you a chalk paint beliver now? Do you think it's worth the time and expense?
Thanks again for sharing this great post, you can be very proud of your work!!! BTW I LOVE your painting!!!

L Dizzie said...

holy smokes! this is amazing. i love it. and i love your sideboard dark too. such cool pieces.

not to mention that amazing swan. loooove! great job, girl!

Donna said...

Just gorgeous! I love the painted furniture it just brings out the details so much in the chairs! Your paintings are beautiful ... it's ALL so pretty and refreshing! I am painting furniture next week that I am tired of ... needs an update.

The Reading Girl said...

Where can I begin? Your photography, painting skills, beautiful design palette, work ethic? Your new dining room is AMAZING! Congrats :o)

joanne said...

wow...I..phew..words just escape me at this point. It looks like a completely different room in another house! gorgeous. Glad you reported back on the chalk paint, I'm still on the fence due to the expense.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Erin! Where in the world did you find all the energy? Yike! You have done such beautiful work here... I love the furniture, walls, everything... I too will have to check this chalk paint out.. Does sound like alot of work with the painting then the waxing, then paint, the wax.. Gosh, I am tired already! Well, you should give yourself a pat on the back... I am proud of you...
My eyes still go to your beautiful paintings... I love your colors and your style... I could pick out your paintings without a signature... Truly beautiful and unique.
Enjoy your weekend

Turid said...

Those furniture looks great! Exiting paint! I'm glad to be here. Your blog makes me happy :-)

Wish you a great day!

Turid Irene,

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow Erin! You have been busy. No wonder your wrists hurt with all that brush stroking going on. Your dining room looks fabulous -- so light and fresh and airy. I like the touch of the dark wood in the hutch and sideboard surrounded by lightness. Absolutely gorgeous! Love your sepia toned paintings too. Certainly adds to the serenity of the space. Now take a much needed rest and enjoy your lovely surroundings. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Sherry Hicks said...

Tammy I love what you have done, and I love the picture above the chair just beautiful. I understand about family request to not paint herilooms white I have a few of my own that I have been "begged" not to paint, I think it adds interest and contrast in your space to keep them as is, I love that you put grain sacks inside the glass and that does lighten them up, makes the whole room beautiful, love the table, love all that you did!

Shawn said...

LOve it, everything looks beautiful!!! Really makes me want to but some Annie Sloan in Paris Gray, you have a great eye for color and design!!

It's me said...

What a great room it is now Erin...i really like it !! and also your did a great

Unknown said...

I'm coming over and moving in! **SWOON** wow...what a dream Erin...You inspire me!
Love everything about what you did.

stefanie said...

oh, its gorgeous!!! everything is so soft and pretty, your art work is just amazing, great job!

Honey at 2805 said...

Wow-za is right. Oh! This just blows me away it's so beautiful. It deliciously beautiful!

Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Gift Card Giveaway!! If there are 500entries, the amount will increase the Gift Card to $100.

Gilding Lilies said...

What a stunning transformation! Really lovely. I want that paint! Thanks for sharing the info.

KarenB said...

OH MY GOSH! No wonder you haven't posted in a week1 You've been a busy, busy girl! It all looks so much more like you and so calm and beautiful. I love it! It also makes your sideboard stand out! Love it!

Inspired by you said...

I am practically speechless over the beauty of your dining room! To say it is gorgeous is an understatement! I sure wish you could work your magic on my home.

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Incredible Transformation.... I love the change in the furniture, really Brightened, Yet Softened the room & I think I love that the 2 pieces are still dark, Looks Perfect ~ You sure did alot, I don't think I could have done all that in such a short time ~
I can't wait till you share the new paintings too~

marieDee said...

Thought it was a magazine photo at first! Beautiful! I would never have had the vision to turn the "before" into the lovely, light "after."

Pamma said...

Just lovely! Amazing what paint can do...this room draws you in and feels like a cloud---balanced by the masculine lines of substantial furniture. wow.

nonnie said...

Can I tell you how jealous I am over all that energy? (not really) But would love to jump on that boat!

I love the white. It shows up the lines on those chairs and is awesome!

Your paintings are beautiful!

Keep up the work and inspiration!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

This room is fabulous and I'm just dying over your art. Wow. You are crazy talented.

Unknown said...

wish you were my neighbor....lovely post!

Heaven's Walk said...

OH.MY.GOSH, Erin!!! INCREDIBLE! Totally incredible!!! I can't believe that you accomplished all of that in one week!! I'm speechless and in awe of the beautiful job you did. I think the magic in chalkpaint is in the layering. More work for sure - but so worth it for the results. What didn't you like about the waxing? I'm getting my first can of AS paint/wax this weekend, so any extra tips you could give me would be appreciated! Beautiful job and well done, girl! :)

xoxo laurie

marĂ­a cecilia said...

wow!! you have been doing lot of painting which has turned out completely wonderful, a whole new great look to your furniture and dining area... and wow! your moody sephia painting is gorgeous as well as all I see here. What a great inspiration you are my dear!!

marycrow said...

Erin, Wow!! The dining room looks fantastic!!! I want to try the chalk paint. Gawd.... you are so darn creative! Give those cats a pet for me, esp. your big white and caramel guy!

Charlotte said...

My favorite that I've seen browsing the blogs. I love the room and your paintings are to die for. I love every one of them. Such talent!!!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Erin! I just found your lovely blog and I have been browsing your archives. I am now a follower. Your dining room is so gorgeous...beautiful transformation!

Pamela said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!
I love how you did not paint the other pieces and just put the grain sacks in the windows...brillant idea!
Moody paintings are my fave!!!

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Hi, Erin! I'm admiring all your creative posts here. Can you please share them at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

A lovely room to start with but it is "fantastic" all of it ... especially your beautiful artwork!!!
I've had enough of this particular TN summer...ready for fall and some cooler weather!!!
Have a beautiful week!!!

Unknown said...

beautiful room!!! You get really awesome creative urges. and I still want your painting of the horse. I am obsessed with it. If you ever decide to let it go or sell prints of it, you should let me know. Wonderful decorating, gorgeous paintings. You have so much talent.

Strata 1 said...

The first thing that comes to mind is "Michael, we are not a codfish" ~ Mary Poppins

Because, my jaw has dropped and I fear I cannot put it back in it's proper place...This room is incredible, inspired, and ethereal...a mirror of perfect you.



michelle said...

OH Erin this is gorgeous!!!!! When I opened your page my mouth fell open and I just stared at the first photo and just looked around...beautiful!!!! I love the colors that you chose and yes chalk paint is great but the waxing is not my thing, necessary, but not my thing. :) I usually just go with the creative urges as well. My hubby just looks at me and shakes his head but lets me go about my business. :) Your table is just beautiful and I adore Mr. Swan there. You really did a wonderful job and I hope you use this room more now. :)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Wow your dining room looks fabulous!
I for one (as if it mattered)... am happy you didn't paint your hubby's heirloom furniture. I like the balance like you say that it adds to the room and from one of your pictures...showing what looks like your entry door-- it ties those rooms together.
Very nice touch adding the white panels in the doors of the furniture instead.

I love this room~ and am happy for you. I bet you love it too~
enjoyed seeing it. Pat

Cameo said...

W-O-W...absolutely gorgeous. And I am so in love with your art work, particularly the horse. Any chance you could let us know how to get one? You made this room a perfect balance!

Kelly said...

I stopped over from Miss Mustard Seed to see more of your lovely dining room and have now been browsing your blog for over an hour!

Your photography is just breathtaking.. Thank you for sharing such beautiful talent. You have motivated me to learn more!

Kelly@The East Barn

Jon'el said...

Lovely room, I am so inspired to go light! It really makes a difference. Lol, I painted over the wallpaper in my bedroom, it's not the greatest but it will do for now =)

Kate in Austin said...

What a light & bright, fresh room. I'm sure it makes you happy.

Sunnyside Dru said...

Your room really came out beautiful! The dark and light contrast look amazing. Cheap IS good!

Unknown said...

Coming over from your feature on Miss Mustard Seed. WOW!! This room is stunning! Your abilities with creating art, re-doing furniture, setting up a room....all of them are outstanding! AND, I love that the sideboard is still dark. It really makes a nice contrast in the room and goes so well like that. LOVE everything in this room! Great job!

Heather said...

I am SWOONING as I look at this post. And drooling! You are amazing, such a great eye. You are officially added to my blogroll!

amy said...

You have done an outstanding job fellow Tennessean! I hope you really enjoy your new room. (And by the way, I am really over this heat too!)

JSantos said...

I love that! Can you say me if I can buy those paints Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, here from Portugal? I don't know any kind of that paint...

Plese answer me (

Sonnie said...

I also found your blog via Miss Mustard Seed and OH MY GOODNESS, so glad I did! I'm totally in awe of your new dining room. Crazy awesome beautiful work! And I'm loving your paintings, are one very talented woman!

imsteelefullofscrap said...

I am in love with your room just gorgeous!!!! New to your blog and enjoying it!

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

What a beautiful job yhou did with your furniture and walls! The entire room looks so peaceful and serene! I NEED to get some of that chalk paint asap! Btw, Miss Mustard Seed sent me =:) Love your furnishings and enthusiasm! Keep inspiring! ~Leena~

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I'm a first time visitor, saw your room on MMS's furniture feature Friday and came right over...........I am so impressed with your artistic talent. Your room is lovely and I'm just awed by your paintings. As soon as I send this I'm going to be signing up to get your posts via email and to find out if (I hope the answer is yes) you sell your paintings! Your talent just overwhelms me and I hope you have more I can drool over (not on). Thank you for sharing your imagination, creativity and your lovely home.
Take care, VBg

Cindy said...

I agree with what everyone else said... The whole house looks like it has the most wonderful feel with all the original artwork, and the white just sets it all off...
Is the horse a painting or a photo, i know it's original art, just not sure which, and i LOVE your painting, do you have a site where i could view more of your work?


Rachael said...

Holy energy!! Looks so good! I am so glad you went into detail about how you did it!

Whitney said...

I love the room!!! What did you use as the lampshades for a few of the lights on your chandelier? I have one just like it and LOVE the look you have. I can't wait to paint my dark dining room have totally inspired me!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow! Your dining room looks so pretty - great job on the redos! You really got some great deals on the furniture.

Brandi said...

What a beautiful room. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your lovely home.

Tammy @ Type A said...

love the room! where did you get the horse art? it's stunning!

the old white house said...

OH MY FABULOUS!!!! I am in complete awe and have to thank Z for the giveaway so that I could be your newest follower! Your paintings are beautiful, your photos are dreamlike, and your dining room... well let's just say that I would sit there for hours gawking at your beautiful home!
t. xoxoxoox

Chrissy said...

Wow!!!! Loooove the colors in this room! So quiet, peaceful. This is a room I would stand in and just stare....
love, love, love.

Victoria said...

found you off of Pinterest cannot believe I have missed your blog. Your
makeover is wonderful but your painting are amazing. I see you have
a show coming up best of luck with it. I envy the fact that you live in Franklin. We lived near the Cool Springs Mall in the late 90"s I so
miss it.

Annaliese said...

holy moly that's beautiful!!! i'm wanting to brighten up my dining room & wow have you inspired me! thanks for sharing and your paintings are awesome-tastic. you are one talented lady :)

Fishtail Cottage said...

it is all so beautiful! I love that painting of the single tree! it immediately drew me in! new follower! xoxo, tracie

Anonymous said...

love your style !!!!

April said...

Shazam! I was searching painted benches. I thought I had hit a designers blog and that all the furniture would be from an expensive store! WOW. Awesome job, the colors look great and so peaceful!!

Julie G said...

I am in love with the horse painting!! I can't leave it alone, so haunting. Do you do custom work? I would be very interested in a picture like that but with my cat. I could send you her picture (she is sadly no longer with me). What would you charge?

scofen said...

Hi, I haven't read all of your posts so you may have answered this already. Did you paint the pictures on the walls. I love all of them but especially the horse painting.

Anonymous said...

hi Erin, I love your art. Is there a site where your piececes are for sale? thanks. Michelle