Monday, March 7, 2011

buttercup yellow-licious...

~ this weekend, i brought in some fresh yellow flowers from the garden~
early daffodils
icefollies daffodils, my faves
and bradford pear branches

~i had fun dressing the fireplace mantel with a spring-time look.
~i hung an old lantern from one of the beams and arranged pretty flowers in the three white vases on the left
~pretty pleased with the results, the arrangement became even better when my daughter arrived from memphis bearing the super cool vase on the right!

such a wonderful and really perfect birthday present!!
thank you ash and anthropology! love, love, LOVE

~i love the faux bois (that's fancy french talk for false wood) texture and little branchy arm
~super cute, isn't it?

~thank y'all
(that's fancy southern drawl talk, for you all)
so very much for my birthday wishes
~"y'all" in my real life
and "y'all" in my bloggy life too!
thank you.
mmmi hope there is something blooming in your life too!!


Razmataz said...

Happy Birthday Dear Erin...

We are several weeks away from daffodils..maybe mid April to see a few...My tulips don;t bloom unitl May...

Love your display and that new vase.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love your your pale spring!
Happy Birthday!:)

Carole said...

This is just what I needed. I little yellow pick me up. I can't wait to have daffy's to pick too.

Donna said...

I must have been playing in my yard and missed your b'day ... so belated Happy Birthday!!
I LOVE all of your yellow and whites! My forsythia is just beginning to bloom and my Bradford pear trees and cherry trees are gorgeous!
I was your way over the weekend and thought of you!

maría cecilia said...

Happy birthday dear Erin!!!! Have a great day!!!
Love, love, love your yellows, greens and acquas!!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! The forsythia is just beginning to bloom here. It's one of my favs. and certainly looks beautiful on your mantel.
Happy Birthday!

Ella said...

Happy Birthday, I love the vase!
Gorgeous photos...stunning~ Hope your day was special!

oldgreymare said...

Just taking another opportunity to say Happy Birthday one last time.

All this yellow makes me want to make yellow bears and yellow purses and yellow roses and sip margaritas..oh yeah I already am!!! lol


Pamela said...

Beautiful photos!!
You are so lucky to have your flowers
out already!!

Scott Law said...

Beautiful as always. You have such a skill. The only thing blooming here tonight is new snow.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love daffodils and forsythia - 2 of the first signs of Spring. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Hope you had a great Birthday celebration.

KarenB said...

Don't you just love gifts that are so carefully chosen? Your faux bois vase is beautiful. What a treasure. Not only do I love your Spring flowers, but I LOVE the hook you hung your pretty lantern from. Such a unique way to hang it. Love, love love!

Happy Birthday dear Erin!

Maaike said...

Happy belated birthday! And the flowers are lovely, in this great spring-colors,
Love, Maaike

Don said...

Happy Birthmonth... it keeps going and going and...

It's me said...

Wowwwww it is all so so so beautiful !! nice decorated!! amazing vase !!!....lovely day...may it bring lots of sunshine and

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY???? I hope it was a great one, and again, you have captured a color that I really have never been big on, but I think that you have the capacity to mix any color with WHITE and it makes it stand out even more. WE STILL HAVE TONS OF SNOW and we are getting a major storm TODAY! The days are getting longer for us, but it doesn't seem right since we are still in the winter mode. It has to be coming, IT JUST HAS TO COME, SPRING!!!

THANK YOU FOR VISITING; we had a great celebration for our anniversary! LOve, Anita

koralee said...

Happy Birthday my friend...such beauty here have the magic touch for styling!!! I love the yellows......wish our spring flowers were blooming! So for now I will enjoy yours! Hugs for a great Tuesday.

Gerry Snape said... usual you put up the most inpirational post! I love the spring yellow and the white painted pots and everything that you have put with it. Thankyou for this lovely image.

Custom Comforts said...

So pretty!!! So jealous ~ still so drab here :(
Happy birthday Erin!!! So glad you had a nice birthday and such a lovely gift.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday:)
So many lovely photos I'm so green for envious that you have spring.
Greetings from Finland

michelle said...

Your mantel is beautiful my friend! All the flowers are so wonderful and the yellow is just soothing to my senses! What a beautiful gift as well from your daughter, it is perfect! I can't wait for things to start blooming here.
Have a wonderful day.

jerilanders said...

Here in East Tenn, we have a lot of bloom going on. Our lovely yellow narcissus are everywhere, the blue squill is in bloom, the hyacinths are beginning to peek at me and I expect to see the little muscari at any time!

awal.ny said...

I love your pictures they are so full of color. They make me feel, like when you put your face up to the sun with your eyes closed but you can feel the light.

A Mare Of A Different Color said...

Wanted to look at Spring, so I came back to visit once more.... so soothing here with the mellow yellow and mellow tunes...

Have a wonderful tomorrow dear



Georgianna said...

Sooo lovely! You have a lot more blooming than we do so far. But I'm sure we'll catch up. Love the vase, too. I'll be talking like that soon – leaving for Savannah and Charleston on the 30th! xo – g

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning you know that my husband is in TENNESSEE at this very moment? He is touring the South with some colleagues at the university. PEACE TO YOU DEAR SISTER...Anita