Friday, October 8, 2010

porch party...

when i heard that Debra over at Common Ground bloggy
was having a
well, i just KNEW it was what i needed to help me get out of this post vacation blues fest of mine.
i have been in such a funk since returning from the beach...
returning to an EXTREME drought...
preceded by EXTREME high temps this summer...
preceded by EXTREME flooding this spring...
preceded by EXTREME cold this winter...
well, this gardener...
she needs to

you may have seen this shot before........
i love to decorate with things that i have and with a nod toward NATURAL materials.
my front door with
a garland made with gourds from the garden
and my fave corn husk wreath.
old watering cans hold black eyed susan seed heads.

i use this old wire display unit to hold seasonal chotchkes.

i painted the BOO sign
and the white gourds.
the gourds last forever you know...

i topped this big urn with some indian corn that i have kept for years.
i hang it on a nail in the attic to keep it away from critters.

come on in!
i have just revamped the entry for the party.

i rearrange things and switch out my paintings frequently (to say the least).
yesterday, i decided to paint some old chippy frames white
and then float some of my watercolor paintings inside them.

the inspiration for this painting came from an image i saw in an old Country Home Magazine (i so miss Country Home!)
oh and, the big heavy frame...well, it hurts when dropped on ones bare foot.

i hung the frames on nails and used "HandiTak" to hang the paintings right on the wall.
it's kinda like roll little pieces of it to soften and then slip behind the corners.
it's great to use behind frames keep them from slipping.

gratuitous shadow shot.

this cabinet was actually a new kitchen cabinet (bound for the dump) that i distressed and added bead board to top and fence post finials as feet.

unable to find another wreath like the one on my front door... i recently made this one using some instructions from Martha Stewart found HERE.

i am so glad you stopped by!
thank you Debra, this party is just what i needed.
there is nothing like being creative, to make me feel all chirpy again.
and to see more of my front porch go HERE.


It's me said...

Lovely post Erin......lovely weekend and hugs from me...Ria....

Anonymous said...

Love your urn painting, Erin! And the bunny. I just can't help it. I've got a serious case of bunny love. It all looks fantastic! :)
Happy weekend,

birdie blue said...

your porch looks beautiful, erin. love all of your clever artwork, garlands, wreaths, gourds, indian corn, watering cans and especially that chippy rabbit wall pocket.

it looks stunning.

have the loveliest of weekends!

KarenB said...

OMG! I'm going to have to come back when I have time to really look. First of all, I LOVE the button garland!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be back later.

Carole said...

YOU WIN! I don't even have to see anyone elses porch. I want everything...the white gourds under the cloches, the wire shelving display, the paintings and the Martha wreath.
Just pack everything up and send me the bill!
Do you take Visa?

That new white urn painting is to die for.....wrap that one up too!!!
Thanks for making my day!

Antique ART Garden said...

Great, between you and Jeri Landers I feel like the most inadequate homemaker created, maybe 10th most inadequate homemaker ever created. I have to get crackin' on some creativity or stop reading both your blogs. Seriously . take care, Gina

Pam Kessler said...

I love the gourd garland. Great idea. Thanks for the link to Martha's corn wreath. I will have to try that.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Really do like you porch Fall decor. Great job on the painting. I also miss Country Home Mag.. :(
Yes - This past year's extreme weather conditions have been hard to deal with.
Enjoy your weekend.

Unknown said...

Everything is wonderful. Love that ghourd garland over the door. And the painting of the urn and pumpkin.

Razmataz said...

Erin, it all looks so festive and lovley. I especially love the way the gourds look from the inside out and that little buttoned curtain.

oldgreymare said...


Calling Carole, we're booking flight to Franklin - get food and guest rooms ready.....

oh how I wish. ..... : (

That was one of the things I loved about that wonderful town, the way everyone goes all out for fall. Those "other" gals, their Mckay's Mill front porches were fallish also, but yours is gorgeous!

oh that we could sit and rock ( and drink :0) on that porch.

Happy Autumn my dear sweet friend.


and oh, the paintings...sigh

La Vie Quotidienne said...


I just found your blog and it is lovely. The decorations are amazing, I love the way you used natural materials. I also am very impressed by your paintings. I paint too and I know the difficulty factor involved.(-: You have done everything I see here with an artistic eye.

kayce hughes said...

Love it all! Especially the rusty truck.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Gorgeous Erin
I love your porch and how you've decorated with the gourds.... and your beautiful paintings.. that urn is a masterpiece!!

I've been whitewashing frames for my own prints too... although I need some nicer frames like yours!!! went looking but found nada!!.. oh and could do with nicer prints too!! hahaha..

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

julie miller said...

Hi Erin, Thanks for your sweet comments on my post! Yes, the pic on my sidebar is from and I love it!! Your rendition is excellent and I LOVE your porch and all the great fall touches you've added to your home! The little toy truck is especially sweet! Smiles, Julie

Polly said...

Omigosh Erin! Did you seriously paint that? AMAZINGLY beautiful! You are so talented!!

Love your porch, love the metal rack, love the corn husk wreath!! so many wonderful elements all pulled together in one lovely place!!


Alaina said...

Where do I start, your porch is a picture from a magazine, beautifully done. Now your artwork that is my favorite. My father is a water color artist also, so I know how much talent it takes to do that urn. That is the one I love the most, you nailed it with the white and rust. Do you sell your art. I should come back and read more, I am a new follower, I have to see more of your art. Have a wonderful weekend.

Georgianna said...

I'm almost speechless, there are so many beautiful and charming treats here, Erin! Seriously, that gourd garland is fabulous, love all your displays but I'm seriously bummed that I got here late and didn't get first dibs on that URN PAINTING!!! Can't wait until you start selling your work. Just wonderful. xo – g

E. Charlotte said...

You really have an eye for decorating! I love your Fall touches. Your porch and entryway are gorgeous! :D

Debra@CommonGround said...

I'm so sorry to be so late getting over here, but wow oh wow, I guess I'm saving the best for last. OK...
Gourd garland. ohmygosh!
Front welcoming and comfy cozy looking
Entry and paintings...two of my favorite fall images, both were headers of mine last fall! I'm knocked out by those white frames and love the paint color!
It's all fabulous, Erin! LOVE love love your style. so glad you joined in for VIF, your post is amazing!!

marĂ­a cecilia said...

So good for me that you decided to party and got the energy to create the most wonderful fall porch ever!!!!

koralee said...

Everything over at your home is sooooo beautiful my really have a good eye for decorating...could you come help me out?

Oh I sooooooo miss Country Homes too.

Hugs for a great week...I hope the weather cooperates with you for a wonderful Fall. oxoxox

Maxabella said...


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Me again. :D I have already checked the bracelet and it is not bakelite.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girlfriend! I panicked when I read you were having a porch party, as I am going to Maryland for my birthday and thought I was going to miss out on one of your fabulous parties. Well, this was a fun party and I hope I get to see in person soon.

I too long for those days at the beach and keep wishing myself back. Lots of good memories and way too much good food.
Great post!!!


Cobalt Violet said...

OK so gotten some pumpkins and squash but now I am officially motivated to take it to the next level! Wow! What a beautiful autumn festival you have going on at your place! Lovely, Erin!

KarenB said...

Your paintings are so beautiful right inside the front door! I love the way you floated them in the frames. It's such a warm welcome! I love the gourds and may have to copy those and of course the beautiful button garland! Yikes! So much to love!


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