Monday, September 6, 2010

wet paint...

we had the most beautiful weather this weekend and it is just a tease for what is to come.

Autumn in Tennessee is the pay off after a long hot summer.

so much time will be spent playing outside before shorter days and dormant gardens.

it looks like one of my gardens will possibly be featured in Southern Living Magazine, with a photo shoot at the end of this month (cross your fingers!) i'll be tweeking and gushing over that garden for sure.

fall will be fleeting and i am feeling an urgency to drink it all in.

i look forward to spending more time in my studio, brush in hand, music inspiring me.

these days, i can't seem to get enough of David Gray's tunes. i love him even more after seeing him in concert a few weeks ago.

i thoroughly enjoyed painting these recent works, listening all the while to his lyrics about our
"dissapearing world" and "life in slow motion".

my brush in harmony to the rhythm of his tunes.

music is a huge motivator for me and certainly has a profound affect on my mood.

it is an important part of my life.
something i truely can not live without.

i recently removed my Playlist from my blog,

as i realize it's not every ones cup of tea.

i wonder what you all think about music on blogs?

if you have a second please vote yes or no on my sidebar for bloggy tunes.

thank you.

i hope you like my paintings.


"The sun above the cotton grass

Is sinking down like lead

The seagulls know the truth of it

And scream it overhead

Hold on to St. Christopher

The sky is murderous red

Go to sleep my one true love

Our glory lies ahead

Then we'll be running

Afraid of nothing

Then we'll be running. "

lyrics by david gray


oldgreymare said...

On your blog ..yes, because we share similar taste in music and I like your selections. That is not to say I like it on all blogs. Some are just awful and don't fit the temperament of the blog.

Don't just like the paintings, love the paintings.

Don't you think the Queen Annes Lace would look good in my room? You've seen the photos.....

Glad you are enjoying the holiday in such a creative way and my fingers are crossed for the SL article. Please let me know the issue WHEN it happens...cause it will!


Carole said...

I think you'll find as Z said that some blogs don't match the music one bit, but yours is just so you.....soothing!!! I've often left your blog on just to listen to your playlist.
Your painting of Queen Anne lace is incredible.....I've seen a lot of QA all over blogland but that one takes the prize!!!
Good luck with the exciting!!!
Hope your holiday weekend was a good one!

ps....I really miss your playlist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KarenB said...

I did love your music selections, but by and large, I don't like listening to music on blogs. Inevitably there are other noises going on around and I end up silencing them. I love (as usual) your paintings, especially the top one. Please let us know if your garden comes out in Southern Living. I'll definitely have to get a copy. I think I've asked this before, but where do you sell your paintings?


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yes - The weather has been gorgeous this weekend! A little warmer today, but the humidity was low, so still great weather. Keep us posted on your garden in SL and the issue. How exciting !!
I feel that it is your blog and if you want music - that is your choice. Do people not know where the on/off button is on their computer if they don't like what they hear !
I vote "yes", and if I don't like a particular song, I am capable of turning the sound off.
Have a good evening!

Kerry said...

Your paintings are so lovely Erin...very serene. I must confess I'm not a huge fan of playlists as i usually have something on in the background myself. Having said that I have found some lovely musical discoveries. Hmmm, fence sitting...sorry!

Cobalt Violet said...

The paintings are beautiful ... that one of the queen anne's lace or dandelions (?) is so beautiful! I love it. Dreamy and delicate, warm and textured. It really has a beautiful texture and movement going on that is really amazing.

Usually I find music on blogs kind of annoying because I am usually listening to music already but with you, I always like the music and like Carole (above) I have left your blog on and gone to make tea, relaxed and enjoyed your playlist before moving on.
So ... up to you! It's all good!

Again, beautiful work Erin and I am stealing that painting!!!

Georgianna said...

Dear Erin,
First, I'm happy you had a beautiful weekend!
Second, I seriously want that first painting. Seriously. But I guess I'm not the first to say so. :(
Third, we've already chatted about the music and I voted on your sidebar. For me, music on a blog intrudes with what I have going on already and since I share an office with my hubby, distracts him too. I love music but need to choose it myself.
Fourth, how very, very exciting about SL! A friend of the family's is an associate garden editor there, although I don't think I have any influence! But I'm sure your garden will be featured.
Fifth, I will check out David Gray.
Thank you for so much loveliness here as always.
xo – g

Becca said...

I think you should leave your music on. If music is an important part of your life, then you should feel you can share that just like you share other things you love on your blog. Muting the sound if someone doesn't like the music is so easy, so why not have it for those that do like? I've had many compliments on my music, and I frequently change the playlist so that it matches what i'm posting, and so it won't be the same thing everytime someone opens my page. Hope you bring your music back. Love your paintings BTW!

elena nuez said...

Erin, now i´m your first spanish follower, i hope so!
what a beautiful pictures!
Thank you!!

MrLee said...

Dear Erin, Love the paintings (as usual) and will miss the music if you stop. I will remind you that this is YOUR blog and everyone comes to you for your inspiration and good feelings. Please remember the lyrics of the late great Ricky Nelson from his classic GARDEN PARTY (fitting isn't it) "You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself!"

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Erin
Well I hate to admit it.. but I never listen to the music on blogs.. I think they should be something you can turn on if you wish.. not automatically on.. For us poor souls with lousy internet connections and limited downloads.. they just cause havoc.. However.. as MrLee said.. It's your blog!!

Love the paintings though!! Glad your autumn is on the way.. I'm very happy to be seeing spring.. although give me a few months and I'll probably be melting.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

Lora said...

I vote "no" for music on blogs. I used to like it, but now.. not so much. I did look up David Gray on youtube and I like him. I'll have to listen to some of his stuff.

LOVE your blog and your paintings... just beautiful!

Unknown said...

This is so exciting! How wonderful it would be to see your beautiful garden in a magazine. I certainly will keep MY fingers crossed for you.

Leah - The Inside Story said...

Thank-you Erin for commenting on my blog. I am new to blogger and was very excited to receive your comment. I immediately looked you up and what a beautiful blog you have. You are a very talented lady.

Agni said...

I love Your paintings !!!!!
I dont like any music on blogs. By- Ag