Sunday, August 29, 2010

more monkey grass

after i took pictures of my monkey grass last week,

i cut some of the flowers and brought them inside to monkey around with (sorry, i couldn't help the play on words).

these same flowers have lasted pretty well, and just started to drop petals today.

i hope you all have a wonderful week...



my friend Z is having another Project Genesis blog party on wednesday.

this is a cool party, where you share something ...something that can make a doesn't have to be monumental...just little tips or tricks to help the environment...god knows we need some


won't you join Z and me?


nat said...

hi erin! thanks for stopping by... i'd love to see those boots you found! i have a slight obsession with cowboy boots:) good thing we live in nashville, right?!

i'd love to bump into you at next month's flea.

p.s. gorgeous photos, as usual!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I never thought about cutting the monkey grass blooms and using them inside. One of those "Duh" things I guess.
Have a great week.

oldgreymare said...

Thank you for the mention. You are such a true pal.

Goodness gracious but those are lovely photos, and I popped in just in time for my man Cat. I still love those tunes and I instantly transported back to some pretty interesting memories....hmmmm?

think I'll pour some of my favorite Gypsy and reminisce....his name was....



E. Charlotte said...

Great photos! They have such a delicate purple color. Love it! :)

Becca said...

These photos are just lovely!

Maxabella said...

Popping over to your blog is always as refreshing as a walk in the park during a busy day. I'm always so happy to be here. x

Georgianna said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, Erin. I am really, really wanting to visit your garden! And I just love your blog to pieces. I normally hate music on blogs but Cat started playing and my husband perked up so we both had a listen. Then he looked over my shoulder at your sidebar photos and was truly impressed (he's a very fine photographer himself). Thanks for giving us a dose of beauty. xo – g

It's me said...

HI make baeutiful pictures !!! again !!!...wishing you a happy new Ria...

Donna said...

So pretty! I never thought of bringing in those flowers. They look beautiful in your photos (almost like lavender).

Luiza said...

I love the monkey grass!!!!
The flowers are beautiful!!!

Hope you´ll have a wonderful day, sweet friend!


Antique ART Garden said...

You are a professional photographer with a 1200. camera aren't you ? You have to be, amazing beauty you capture.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Fragile and sweet post, Erin.
The first picture is stunning, simply stunning.
EnJOY the new week! xxx

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, ERin, thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you! We did enjoy the flea market, lucky you to live close by. Hope you'll stop by again.

Carole said...

They even look pretty when they go by.
Thanks for the reminder about Project Genesis!

Donna said...

I never though about picking the blooms from my monkey grass! Great idea ... love the color too!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Gorgeous photos Erin
The first one is just beautiful!!!

Well spring is about to bust out all over here... I for one am looking forward to the burst of colour!!

have a lovely week.. and thanks for the reminder re Suzan's project.. xxx Julie

maría cecilia said...

Hola Erin, I love seeing the results of your monkeying around with your monkey grass... so very pretty!!!
maria cecilia

manon 21 said...

Belle ballade chez toi,tes photos sont belles.

Bonne journée