Thursday, May 20, 2010

shekinah house

time for a field trip.
this home belongs to one of my best friends.
she is a designer
an artist
a renovator
a visionary
a writer
a wifey
a sweet mommy of two gorgeous little boys
a fabulous traveling companion
and a neverending source of inspiration.

she and her hubby bought and renovated this 100+ year old house.
beautifully decorated with a mix of old pieces,
colors from nature,
and a heavy dose of luscious textures throughout...

a true feast for the eyes.
her house has many treasures, that we have found on our travels and junking adventures together. treasures that hold special memories.
have fun on the field trip.
i sure did........

this is "fred" the piano.
i gifted this to her a few years ago.
fred sat quietly at my house for too many years. piano lessons for my daughter a distant memory. i'm glad fred has a good home now, where he can share his music.

i hope you enjoyed your fieldtrip to this special place.
next time we will visit the nature that surrounds this home.......
my beloved tennessee is still reeling and healing from the flood. the piles of debris from the stripped out homes is huge.
i am conflicted as to whether i should photograph and share such images, as i like to think of my blog as an
for you and me.


sharon santoni at my french country home said...

This really is a beautiful home. What I especially like is that although it certainly is colour co-ordinated and elegant, it really looks like someone lives here, it's not just a show house.

KarenB said...

OH MY! I love it! Just my kind of house. What is she doing on her bulletin board? Looks like Bible verses? If she were my friend, I'd have to visit her quite often. Both of you, actually. Thanks for the peek!

It's me said...

It's like i reading a magazine !! how nice.............what a beautiful home your friends have !! thanks for sharing this !!

Happy lovely weekend !! enjoy.......hugs from me Ria

Antique ART Garden said...

Great home ! Great pictures , if you want to post an entry w/ what happened there , go ahead. Do what your heart calls you to do, thanks for the post, Gina

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Your friend's home is beautiful - so many treasures furnishing it. Post about what you want to post about - it is your blog. I read some of the comments left on some of the videos made for utube, and it was unreal so many people nationwide knew absolutely nothing about what has happened in TN. :(
Enjoy your weekend.

oldgreymare said...


Sweet girl, what a lovely post and you always select the perfect soundtracks! You have such flare!

You know how I feel about blogs, we've talked before. I understand your hesitation and your feelings of refuge are valid.

So how about setting up a quick second blog, a "sister blog" that we all can link to from this one. If you mentipn at the bottom of a post that you have posted to sister blog we'll all follow over there. It need not be fancy - pictures and stories of the folks you know and maybe links to charities helping locally?

I believe you have the eyes and ears of many who would never comprehend otherwise and thus not aid those in your area who desperately need help.

We are all drawn to blogdom for various reasons but we all end up "touching" others. Perhaps this was part of your destiny?


Scott Law said...

Your friend certainly has a decorator eye, her home is a treasure. Your photos really show it off so well and I think you must have particularly liked that chair made from rebar. Really enjoyed this post.

Luiza said...

Sweet Erin,
Your friends house is a dream with all those wonderful details. She has a really good taste.
Can´t wait to see the nature surrounding it...

I agree this is a place to escape, my blog means the same for me. But , if you feel like posting of something else, like the flood, then shoot...
Follow your heart , sweet friend.

Have a wonderful day.

Donna said...

I have been so upset with the "new" not covering the devastation left in Tennessee! It frustrates me and I don't live there!
Your friends home is gorgeous! I love all the textures ... from the cotton on the mantel, the antler and old fan ... just everything!!
Thank you for sharing and God Bless you and all your neighbors!

Chicago Chic said...

Wow, everything is so warm and inviting with such enchanting character! I love the couch in the 3rd photo and and the cozy/stylish feel of the 8th photo. Your friend is very talented and sounds like an amazing woman to juggle so many different roles!


Don said...

Such an inviting warm. Thanks for the visit.

On your flood photos...I say go ahead. You have such a beautiful blog and a dose of reality won't ruin it.

bikim said...

LOVE IT!!!! ADORE IT! thanks for sharing! it has a colonial feel to it, doesn't it?!
gorgeous photos! have a happy wk, Erin!

Anonymous said...

Lovely warmth and textures, and wonderful treasures throughout. The best part must be visiting the family who lives in this beautiful home! :)
Happy weekend to you & yours, Erin!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Such a thoughtful, soulful and inviting home. Pure lovely!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

WOW WOW WOW .... both your gorgeous photos.. and this wonderful home!!.. this home is me!!! I feel such comfort looking at all those dark leather and timber pieces .. the rich warm hues... very grounded.. must the the Taurean in me.. beautiful!!! xxx julie