Sunday, April 25, 2010

tuscan inspired garden

can i confess something? we're all friends here right?

i'm not a big fan of disney

or theme parks

or anything contrived

or contrivity (I think i just made that word up).

so how did i end up at disney's epcot center?

well, let's just say my girlfriend and i had the opportunity, no, the pleasure, of escorting a family "in need" down to orlando. when i discovered epcot was having a garden show, i thought we should check it out.

i'm still not a fan of the whole park scene, but i did fall in love with this tuscan inspired area, that featured a fantastic eco wall system. a soiless hydroponic system planted out with perennials and herbs and even strawberries.

a living piece of art.

quite beautiful really.

we were half way through the park and the day,
when the rain started.
and boy, did we get wet.
our spirits were not dampened though.
we gathered enough material on this trip for a screenplay,
or at least a skit or two for saturday night live...


oldgreymare said...

oh! drool city
another contrivity :0


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Now that is a beautiful garden! Thanks for sharing it with us. I had hoped to go up to Franklin for the Main St. Festival, but things happen. I understand it had to shut down yesterday. It got really bad here.
Enjoy your week.

A Perfect Gray said...

absolutely beautiful. if those are your photos, you did an amazing job...thanks so much for that look...

KarenB said...

It's all very beautiful! I often wonder how long something like that would stay beautiful. Do you suppose they just keep pruning and pruning or they replant? Well, it's probably just a short-lived garden show anyway, isn't it? I'm glad you had a good time and found a fun diversion.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Erin
Well I'm not much for Disney either.. but agree this garden is gorgeous.. as is all of your beautiful photos.. so lovely.. Love al the different textures in the 1st!! Have a lovely week xxx Julie

It's me said... beautiful this .......................have a nice happy day !!

Carole said...

Holy moly that doesn't look anything like Disney does it? I thought at first glance it was one of those gorgeous estates you work at. LOve the wall. Wondered how they got lamium to grow there. Just breathtaking! The nice part about going on a rainy day is there are much less people around to ruin the shot. I think the rain may have even made it look more lush.
Thanks for showing us the "other" side of Disney.
I guess it not just topiaries of Micky.

Unknown said...

Hi Erin! I'm with you on the whole Disney thing, but this Tuscan inspired garden is gorgeous!! And your photos are amazing!! Glad you were able to enjoy yourself :)

Hugs ~

:) T

Luiza said...

This garden took my breath away.
That gorgeous table...OMG...
One day, I´ll try to do something like this!
I´ll keep this image in my mind, and try to remember it when it´s time to make something out of my own garden.
Right now, it looks more like a bomb detonated here, hahaha....

Have a nice weekend , sweet Erin!

ELK said...

how did i miss this oasis in the middle of it very wonderful!

ben said...

What an eye. That's all I'm gonna say. Beautiful photos. Can't believe that was at Epcot! Looks like a spot where fairies may be nearby...

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,

We just found your blog and wanted to thank you for visiting our EcoWall at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Thank you for the kind words. Wonderful photos btw!

Michael Coraggio

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

I just followed this over here from Pinterest!!!! I didn't even know what this was, but it was so beautiful, I had to see!! Very Pinteresting!!!