Monday, February 22, 2010

color in my kitchen

i LOVE to CHANGE things up in my house. recently i sewed new curtains for my kitchen to brighten it up a bit. most of my interior decor is done in neutrals and lots of white, but the kitchen needed some OOMPH. we've had a long and cold winter, and i needed to add more color in my life...

i've been searching for a vintage tablecloth to turn into curtains, but couldn't find a large enough piece in good enough condition, so off to the fabric store... where i fell in love with these funky fabrics and fun, ginormous ric rac. the blue print is called "gothic prarie" and the trim is "nigella" by "amy butler". i have matchstick blinds for the top, but these garden signs will be fine till i get them hung. with the happy addition of some of my colorful vintage aprons, ceramics and floral prints, i love the change........

after a beautiful, spring-like TEASE of a weekend, the weather is turning cold ONCE again. i'm SO looking forward to SPRING and the emergence of my sunny buttercups faces and the awakening of the garden and senses..........


Piyush Garyali said...

Now, thats a lovely kitchen. Nice snaps :)

Anonymous said...


your blog is lovely.that foto is wunderfull.and de collors.

greatings from the nederlands conny

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh they are just cool! Love your photo's of the kitchen, really great space.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Pretty curtains - You did a great job. I really like your black cabinets. I have been thinking about painting mine black
Receptionist at the PT today said the same thing - the couple days of warmer temps & sunshine was just a tease. Back to damp, cold & dreary.

Unknown said...

0h WOW! I love it all. That fabric was the perfect pick to go with all of your other beautiful goodies.

Anonymous said...

I love color! You made your kitchen come alive, just beautiful!

Don said...

Your art is everywhere! Beautiful kitchen.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

OK... now tell us something you can't do!!!
Wow.. Erin.. you are so clever!!! I really need to think about sewing again.. last time I finished something I was 12 and it was a Holly Hobby doll!! made the whole thing!! then put down my needle and kaput!!

The curtains are gorgeous... but I love the way you have used colour throughout your kitchen... and the way you have photographed it all.. my favourite being the side view of the teatowels hanging on the stove!! I miss not having that rail... it is a great place to inject a bit of colour!! OH. and I love the glass thingies in the glass thingy.. I've just been taking bunches of photos this week of glass thingies in glass thingies. hahahaha

Have fun.. it's all beautiful!!! xxx Julie

Donna said...

I love your kitchen colorful and I love color in the kitchen! So cheerful! You take the best pics.

KarenB said...

I LOVE the curtains, Erin. Are both fabrics Amy Butler? I would guess, YES. I just love her designs. I love your plate wall too. Are they all hung with plate hangers? I've often wondered how "they" get plates layered like that. Now I can just ask you. Hmmm, I may have to get out some more plates. It looks fabulous, thanks for the peak at your beautiful kitchen.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Great kitchen, love all the prints and color! Your fabric is such a great statement. And wow, those plates going up the wall. really fun! Thanks for sharing it. I love color in a kitchen!

From the Old InkWell said...

Hi Erin! Love the plates on your wall. How creative you are! Looks like we're back to winter time. :)

beth said...

ohhhhhh.....I just love your kitchen !
that fabric is YUMMY and that huge ric rac is a it !

when's dinner ???

Anonymous said...

LOVE the fabric & all your kitchen goodies! I'm thinking I may have to bring out some Spring decorations - May is a long way away, and that's when I expect to see the first flowers bloom up here.
Thanks for the inspiration and shot of gorgeous color, Erin!

Luiza said...

Amazing!!!! That´s a really wonderful kitchen you have!!! I love it, really! All of it! The fabrics are gorgeous!

Oh, dear... I know, the weather turned colder here too...more snow.
The spring feels so far away! I wish it was allready here!

Once again, I love your beautiful kitchen!
Wish you a lovely wednesday!


oldgreymare said...

What time is dinner?

Food has to taste better in a kitchen like that.
Love the different colors in the painted cabinets. Yep,I studied the pics. :-)

Carole said...

Erin I couldn't stop looking at that first pic of that fabric. It had to be Amy Butler....what a designer! and those little spiders... oh just love it! and so organic!
I have one of those little red and white vintage pot holders. I almost included it in Evi's gifts but kept them instead. haha!
Ok even your refrigerate looks better then mine!
Love the whole kitchen!

Scott Law said...

What an artist you are!!! Whether it's painting or photography or decorating. That is a gorgeous kitchen. My daughters have a craft blog and I'm going to have them come and look at this post. You have such great ideas here.

I've been trying a new photography method that reminds me a lot of water color painting. I will be posting one of my latest attempts at it in my Phun Phriday! post tomorrow morning. I would really appreciate your artistic critique - and I would really appreciate an honest one. If you like it great, if you can tell me ways to make it better even greater, or if you think I would be better off leaving this style of photography to others then I'd like to hear it from an artist like yourself.

Again, thanks for this great post. It inspires me.


bikim said...


Cobalt Violet said...

I am freaking out on your curtains! I am in LOVE!!!! I may have to copy your curtains or at least do something similar. Love those textile pattern! So lovely and happy and unique. So pretty with your tulips, as well.

O.K. I am inspired.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Your kitchen is just BURSTING with fun and alive color! Love it!

solamar7 said...

Mmm..your blog is delicious!!!

Chicago Chic said...

So pretty with so much character! I would send my Roman sun your way if I could!! :)